On the one hand, people want to get rid of this bankrupt and militant country from every hole of Pakistan, on the other hand, Imran Khan is still hoping that there will be a referendum in Jammu and Kashmir and people will choose Pakistan. With this dream, Imran Khan left a new Shigufa on Friday that if the people of Kashmir choose Pakistan, they will be offered to remain free. Imran Khan also said that he wanted to talk to the Indian government.

According to the news of Dawn.com, Imran Khan while addressing a rally in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) said, “When the residents of Indian occupied Kashmir and Azad Kashmir will get the right to decide their future, and when the people of Kashmir If people choose Pakistan, Inshallah Pakistan will give Kashmiris the right to decide whether they want to be a part of Pakistan or to remain independent. ” If liberated for, then how did Pakistan attack here and shed rivers of blood. Only after this, Maharaja Hari Singh of Jammu and Kashmir decided to merge the princely state with India.

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“Muslims of the whole world along with Kashmir”
Imran Khan, while linking the Kashmir issue with Islam, said, “The whole of Pakistan stands with the people of Jammu and Kashmir .” Not only the whole of Pakistan, but the Muslim world is standing with you. ”However, in the meantime Imran probably remembered that apart from a few countries like Pakistan and Turkey, he did not get support from Muslim countries, then the next moment he changed his tone and said , “If Muslim governments are not supporting you today for some reason, then I can assure you that Muslims from all over the world will stand with you.”

‘India wants to negotiate’
Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, who stumbled rate-by-point on the Kashmir issue, also said that he wants to talk to India. Imran Khan said that he could not understand at the beginning why India’s Prime Minister Imran Khan is not coming forward for talks. Imran Khan said that after the Pulwama attack and the Balakot Airstrike, he understood that he did not want friendship. Irman Khan said, “Today I am again saying that together solve the Kashmir issue and for this you must first restore article 370 again. We are ready to negotiate again, never consider it our weakness. ”However, India has previously made it clear that there will be no dialogue with Pakistan until it stops supporting terrorism.


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