Pakistan, which is notorious for promoting terrorists, has suffered another shock on Thursday. The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has retained Pakistan in the gray list. The FATF said, “Pakistan will have to work on the implementation of financial sanctions against all the 1267 and 1373 named terrorists.” It may be known that Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan had taken showy steps against the terrorists in the last few months, but experts Had described these steps as a step to be taken to avoid the ‘beat’ of the FATF.

Giving information at press briefing, President of FATF, Dr. Marcus Player said that Pakistan will still remain under surveillance. He also said that Pakistan has made some significant progress, but many serious shortcomings remain. He further added, “All these areas are related to terrorist financing. Three out of 27 (points) need to be fully taken.” Saying that Pakistan has made ‘progress’, the FATF president said That we urge Pakistan to complete the plan.

FATF President Marcus Player warned Pakistan last year that it would not be given a lifetime opportunity to resolve such issues and would be put on the black list if it failed repeatedly to give an action plan. The FATF put Pakistan on the gray list in June 2018 and asked Islamabad to implement an action plan to curb the financing of terrorism by the end of 2019, but the deadline was later extended due to the Kovid-19 epidemic. was. In the last plenary session held in October 2020, the FATF concluded that Pakistan would continue in its gray list until February 2021 as it failed to meet six of 27 obligations of global money laundering and terrorist financing surveillance.

Recently the Pakistani newspaper ‘The Dawn’ reported that some European countries, especially host France, have recommended the FATF to keep Pakistan in the gray list and have taken the stand that Islamabad has fully covered all the points Are not implemented. He said that other European countries are also supporting France. He had said that France was not happy with Islamabad’s recent reaction to the cartoon issue. Pakistan has also not deployed a regular ambassador in Paris.


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