International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief economist Geeta Gopinath said that countries should work on strengthening their health systems to better combat the future corona virus epidemic and provide timely help to affected areas of society Should be prepared for and at the same time promote global cooperation.

Budget 2021: Budget-Relief Expected by Pandemic Affected Tourism Sector

IMF estimates that the global economy will grow at a rate of 5.5 percent in 2021 and 5.5 percent in 2022, recovering from the outbreak of the Kovid-19 epidemic. These figures indicate an increase in business activity after the introduction of the vaccine.

Budget 2021: Focus on women related to unorganized sector

Gopinath said that three main lessons can be learned from the Kovid-19 crisis. He told, “First of all, countries should prepare their health system for any such health crisis. There are many developing countries, which need additional investment in their health infrastructure. This is a very important lesson. “Gopinath continued,” The second lesson is to provide timely help to distressed families, businesses. We know that when reforms begin, it will be strong only when the most troubled people It got support from him, that is to improve his condition. ”

Budget 2021: Government should give additional impetus to agriculture sector

Emphasizing international cooperation, he said, “It should be ensured that the vaccination and treatment needed to end the health crisis is available globally, because without it we would not be able to get out of this crisis.” He said that this crisis needs to be faced together. Gopinath said that many countries have given policy support and most of them are developed economies. ”

Preparation to give big relief to taxpayers in budget, tax exemption may increase

He said that developed economies provided fiscal support for about 24 percent of their GDP in 2020 and in emerging markets and middle-income countries the figure is around six percent, while for low-income countries, the figure is less than two percent. is.

Meanwhile, the IMF warned in a report that uneven distribution of the Kovid-19 vaccine is expected to increase financial risk. In the Global Financial Stability Information released on Wednesday, the IMF said that unless corona virus vaccines are widely available, the market will continue to have strong fiscal support.


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