Bring Rahul campaign in Congress! Proposal passed to make Rahul Gandhi president in Chhattisgarh

Importance Of Kharge: There were no coups. No. Apparently neutral Nehru-Ghana even before the engagement Ndhi family supported It is widely believed that Lillikarjun Kharge Kon National President of Greece Yi was chosen. Joined the High Commissioner To the seniors who stood How long have you been together? With Rge. PCCs also have a large P Ntunayanu Kharge got Ch. voting for him Current situation For our continuation Yavumenu said Runnu Sashi Tharoor; He changed his vote. It is necessary.

The swab of Nehru-Gandhi family A change from poverty Rt activity An upvote is a vote. Even chana is called corn. Gross Organizational Structure How many of you would like There is a question. Twenty-two years ago Np Party Chairmanship Sonia Gandhi vs Sonia Gandhi Rich Jitendra Prasad got it Chat only got 94 votes. I want to ask. Sonia got 7,448 votes. This is happening. Rahul Gandhi or Priyanka Gandhi Vaa Dhrayo Matsari If so, this time too. No change will happen. No. I want their support Kharge himself the instructions It was considered. Forever and ever What Shashi Tharu has received is His personal achievement Deer. People change in the party There are those who understand. It is the number of The new party president and High command is also in the mind. Take everyone along. Can be produced by Bharat Jo. Dr. Yatra also elected the President. A positive attitude created by Congr It will be helpful for you. Congress is strong in opposition It is beneficial for the state as well and A strong ruling party Strong opposition like J Someone from the authoritarian regime Active activity It is necessary for

Sanketikama even now Promotion of Congress Kharge is in the position. No. 10 Janpath Vasathi 10 Rajajima Varg from To the President Sera is changing. This is a big change for me. n. This change is active How does it respond? To find that identity Th. The lifeblood of the party Today is the day we start the Result Declaration Sheesham Shashi Tharoor Cash box. Revival is necessary The whole of the High Command The leaders also feel This is the continuation of this should be seen.

At the end of the party Acting from Reached the above position That’s it Kharge the dog. Half a century in politics Long experience A rich leader. He joined the party in 1969. He Gulbarga City Conn. Grass Committee Chairmanship The successively higher Reached the gods. Nine consecutively Vana MLA, Govt NA Minister, MP, Kendra Minister, Lok Sabha As the NGR leader, Rajya The opposition in the church Mouth. Such a long time A person with history You are a great politician. that there is no sign You should know more. Rush to the office A worthy leader This shows who he is. Goodbye to Jagjeevan Ram President of T Dalit Netha Wu is also Kharge. Leaving the party O Activities for those who carry rice Give them leadership. Can he do it? That is all that is left to be known Th.

Longest serving Congress President Saw is the record of standing Mr. Gandhi give way to Kharge that Kharge Pa, a confidant of the Gandhi family. Sonia Adhikara while directing Rt. May continue as Kendra. The final decision is still coming out. It will belong to the new president. Sitaram broke during Kesari’s reign Bring back the departed Congress Sonia brought Ndum to power It is the leadership of During their time it was the greatest in history. and the big crash party Had to. And then another comeback. All possibilities for He saw Demand a strong Congress All of them are therefore Khargeyu. A new chapter begins under Te’s leadership. Symbol will watch its every move.


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