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Imlie prays seeta maiya now not to trouble dev more and requests to attend to dev, malini, and their entire family. Radha says imlie is involved for anu’s circle of relatives, but anu always blames imlie for every problem. Aparna says even they did identical and gave their verdict witout taking note of her, however imlie silently bore it. Radha says perhaps worldly consciousness didn’t reach her village yet. Radha says she can educate her worldly consciousness and could educate her now not to tolerate all people’s misbehavior and react although they do wrong. Imlie says she can pay attention their gossip and that they should stop gossip and pray god at this age . Aparna says they’re no longer that antique yet.

Radha asks imlie why didn’t she confront them once they did incorrect to her. She says they considers her as dear one, so she forgave them as a dear one; thinks like they and malini are her expensive ones, even dev is. Aditya gives coffee to malini. Malini says canteen humans add more sugar. He says he introduced 0. Five cup sugar. She sips and says its correct, asks him to move home. He says he’ll live here as her mom and daadi have left. She says she is great. He says she is aware of he can not go away her on my own. He says she isn’t on my own as kunal is coming and he or she desires to introduce him to circle of relatives. Adi says she can name him back if wished. She searching at her engagement ring reminisces the incident wherein ring falls in the front of imlie and thinks destiny had already alerted her earlier than. She calls adi back and asks him to take again his ring. He asks if kunal requested her to go back it, he gave it while he wanted to have courting with her, but now he wants to be her buddy forever and she or he should keep it as a gift. She asks him to make an apology imlie on her behalf for anything occurred right here nowadays and thinks she desires to get imlie her proper. Adit returns home. Imlie asks about dev.

Adi says medical doctors will inform within the morning. She says radha and aparna have stopped her from journeying hospital, but she wants to pass there. He asks if she wants to undergo humiliation forgetting her dadda’s teachings, how will her dadda experience while he reveals out that she tolerates anu’s misbehavior. He says he can protect her from everything, but even she has to protect herself and lift voice for herself. Imlie says he’s right, she let a metropolis langoor/adi take over him. He receives irritated. She says she is joking. He asks her again to elevate her voice if someone misbehaves along with her. She is of the same opinion. Imlie reaches health center in the morning and wakes up malini. Malini asks what is she doing early morning. Imlie says she added seeta maiya’s prasad and came right here without informing aaprna and radha. Malini says what if a person sees her, she can be scolded. Imlie says she doesn’t thoughts and asks approximately dev. Malini thinks if imlie is feeling the connection with dev. Imlie asks if she shouldn’t come right here. Malini says she will come anytime as dev is likewise her father, she approach like her father. Imlie says thank you and gives her breakfast. Malini says she prepared so much early morning. Imlie says she prepared her favorite sabji. Malini feeds her announcing she knows even she wouldn’t have had something.

They both feed each different. Nurse asks malini to present juice and snacks to dev. Malini asks imlie to present it to dev. Imlie asks if she will be able to now not go in. Malini says she can end breakfast and are available in. Imlie walks in and desires proper morning to dev. Dev says his daughter. Imlie says he is improper, she is imlie and his daughter is status out of doors. She gives him meals and says she will convey domestic cooked meals from day after today. He says she is stricken plenty because of him. She says he way anu, she must perform kapalbhati yoga to maintain herself calm. He asks her to call him papa and no longer bade babu saheb. Malini listening to their communique hopes imlie calls him baba. Imlie says she isn’t habituated to it and has only dadda and no longer baba, only malini has right to name him baba. Dev thinks malini is proper that he should inform fact to imlie, he doesn’t have any right to name her daughter. Malini things its now not honest, she has everything and imlie has nothing. Imlie asks dev if he felt bad that she didn’t call him baba. He says he didn’t and asks her to visit him frequently. She says she will with home cooked food, till then he could have clinic’s bland meals. She walks out of dev’s room. Malini thank you her for feeding dev. Imlie asks no longer to thank her and walks away asking to attend to dev and herself. Malini walks to dev.

Dev says she wanted him to repent for his sins, however he has to stay with a guilt that he fell in his daughter’s eyes and misplaced each his daughter and high-quality friend and needs he would have died. Malini stops him and hugs him and pleads now not to mention that. He cries that he’s her and imlie’s perpetrator. Malini consoles him.

Precap: imlie asks anu if she is sincerely malini’s mom, she is a dirt in which lotus grows. Anu attempts to slap her and he or she twists anu’s hand and warns to break it if she tries to touch her once more.


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