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Imlie enters visitor room and seeing a bathrobe wears it and begins offevolved her jokergiri mimicking and leaping on bed. She then begins offevolved crying remembering Adi. Aryan thinks he didn’t need to carry Imlie domestic, however couldn’t depart her on footpath; don’t recognise what else has existence in save for him. Imlie cries greater wondering why Adi doesn’t accept as true with her and considers her incorrect with the aid of using trusting others, who will inform her what need to she do. She adjustments her get dressed returned. Adi enters her room through window. She asks why did he come right here, isn’t he afraid to go into a person’s residence uninformed. He says he didn’t need to create mockery in their courting in a person else’s residence; insists her to go back domestic with him. She says she can be able to now no longer till he sends Malini out of residence. He says he can’t at this level and asks why is she staying right here whilst Aryan doesn’t even appreciate her. She says as a minimum she is staying right here as a visitor with the aid of using paying lease whilst Adi took her domestic as a servant. Their argument ensues. She shouts he misplaced proper to impeach her after he relied on Malini and now no longer her, etc..

Aryan enters Arvind’s room and searching on the information cutout of his hearthplace twist of fate fumes that he’ll now no longer spare someone who’s liable for Arvind’s death. He is going into flashback in which Arvind’s manufacturing unit people move on strike. Adi as reporter questions Arvind wrongly and alleges him of snatching people’ rights. Aryan looking information with Arpita fumes seeing that. They rush to manufacturing unit in which they see people lynching Aryan and placing his vehicle on hearthplace. Aryan dies in a hearthplace twist of fate. Out of flashback, Aryan determines to punish Adi due to whom Arvind died. Adi receives indignant and walks out to confront Aryan for retaining his spouse at his residence. Imlie attempts to prevent him. Aryan opens door listening to door bell and sees police. Inspector informs that his neighbor complained that a person barged into his domestic, so that they need to check. Aryan says his family’s protection is essential to him and asks him now no longer to disturb his sister and mom if possible. Adi is set to name Aryan whilst Imlie shuts his mouth and warns him that if he doesn’t move from right here, she can be able to go back returned to Pagdandiya and he’ll in no way see her face again. Adi walks away frustrated. Aryan sees Imlie and asks what’s she doing outside. Imlie receives tensed and says she can be able to pay his lease tomorrow. He says its now no longer for her and asks her to go back to her room. Inspector apologizes Aryan for demanding him at night time because of incorrect information. Aryan notices Adi leaving. Inspector asks if he noticed something. Aryan says no and thinks he’ll now no longer get Adi arrested for a small mistake and could look forward to a larger one.

On the alternative side, Malini over telecellsmartphone informs Anu that Imlie is staying in Aryan’s residence and Adi has long past to carry her returned. Aparna hears that and asks why she is has trouble if Adi has long past to carry his spouse returned. Imlie says Adi’s profession can be at stake due to Imlie’s issues, Imlie will break out as she is Aryan’s pal now, however Adi will lose his job. Aparna asks why Aryan will item if a husband is going to satisfy his spouse. Aparna receives satisfied and leaves. Anu calls Malini and informs that she despatched police to Aryan’s residence, however police didn’t discover Adi there. Malini says all her plans fail and hopes Adi doesn’t carry Imlie returned domestic.

Adi returns domestic closely inebriated. Aparna asks why didn’t he carry Imlie along. Adi says Imlie will now no longer come returned as she is glad with every other guy and doesn’t need to go back returned. Seniors don’t agree with him. Adi laughs and says most effective they live on this residence and now no longer the only who had come from somewhere. He falls down on ground and murmurs that Imlie loves a lavish mansion and now no longer their small residence which looks as if a hut for her, she has her wealthy boss together along with her now. Family lifts him up. He selections liquor bottle from his bag. Aparna breaks it and shouts that he made a mistake with the aid of using letting Imlie move and now no longer bringing her returned. Malini stops her and says Adi in no way touches alcohol, however did nowadays due to Imlie. Aparna shouts her to close up and prevent helping her pal. Adi breaks his and Imlie’s picturegraph and says its susceptible like their courting. Aparna slaps him.

Precap: Adi notices Imlie riding Aryan’s vehicle and says first she have become pal, then driver, after which non-public assistant. She says in place of praising her for riding a large vehicle, he’s criticizing her…


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