Imlie 3rd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Former US President Donald Trump has rejected the fact that he will form a new party. They called it fake news. Although he did not directly say whether he would become the presidential candidate in 2024 or not, he made it clear that he would leave no stone unturned to bring the Republican Party back to power. He called the first month term of the new President Joe Biden the most disastrous in the history of modern America and said that the first month proved that Biden’s policies were anti-employment, anti-family, anti-border, anti-energy, Women are anti-science. According to Trump, Joe Biden has made ‘America Last’ from ‘America First’ in the first month itself.

President Trump publicly met his supporters publicly for the first time after Biden took over power in the United States. The occasion was of the Conservative Political Action Conference. The Biden government also strongly criticized the decision of the government to change its government’s decisions on the Iran deal, WHO and climate change. Taking the names of China, India and Russia, accused President Biden of taking decisions in his favor. Trump also quipped during his address. Did you know that they should decide to defeat the Democrats for the third time too?

Trump, who won for the first time in 2016, continued to accuse him of rigging in the 2020 election and called himself a winner. For this reason, he was severely criticized and due to unfounded allegations, his claim was rejected in the courts too. Even after repeatedly tweeting his tweets about the election results as a manipulated information, Twitter finally closed his handle forever.


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