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Aryan takes Imlie home. Narmada receives glad seeing Imlie and asks how is she. Imlie nods she is fine. Narmada asks Aryan if he stricken Imlie again. Aryan says he runs a information papers, however the query loads instead; Imlie will live with them as a tenant for some days. Narmada asks Imlie why she isn’t chanting her Seeta maiya dialogues today. Imlie greets Jai Seeta Maiyaki and says she is fine, they could retain their birthday birthday celebration. Arpita takes her alongside to introduce her friend. At T residence, Rupali searches her drawer key. Nishant informs her that Imlie’s telecellsmartphone isn’t reachable, is she with Aryan. Rupali says perhaps she is staying with him helplessly. Malini hears them and confronts Rupali that if Malini does whatever, its incorrect and if Imlie does whatever, its helplessness. Nishant says they may be now no longer certain if Malini is staying there or now no longer, and if she is staying there, then there need to be a massive legitimate reason; she doesn’t have a lavish residence like Malini’s dad and mom have. Malini says they need to suppose anything they need to and stroll away wondering their wondering doesn’t matter, Imlie will move farfar from Adi’s lifestyles if she remains at Aryan’s residence.

Arpita introduces Imlie to her pals as her bodyguard who stored her lifestyles and shortly might be her bestfriend. Imlie says all of them are beautiful. A woman asks in which is she from. Imlie says Pagdandiya/PGD. She asks which Dandiya and asks if she likes Delhi or PGD. Imlie offers an extended lecture in her standard fashion and eventually says she loves her village maximum as her mom remains there. Arpita’s pals snort listening to her jokergiri. Aryan stands in balcony searching at Imlie. A woman walks to him and introducing herself gives him drink. He says he doesn’t drink. She asks if chutney or mirchi anything is his friend. He says she is his worker and excuses himself. Arpita gives noodles to Imlie. Imlie seems at chopsticks and recollects Adi suggesting her to have it with the aid of using palms if she doesn’t realize to apply chopsticks. She begins offevolved consuming together along with her hand. Lady name callings her that she need to have left her primitive methods in her village itself if she desired to live in Delhi.

Adi walks to Imlie and asks if she didn’t analyze eating etiquette. She says eats the manner she likes and while her expensive ones don’t have any problem, who’s he to object. He says he’s the primary character in her lifestyles who isn’t an idiot; folks who cautioned her to be the manner she is are idiots; folks who stopped her from mastering whatever new are idiots; folks who advised her that she will consume like an animal in public are idiots. She warns him to close up as she can’t concentrate whatever in opposition to her expensive ones and taking Seeta maiya’s oath will hit him her elbow, her own circle of relatives commonplace her the manner she is. He asks if her expensive ones commonplace her, then what’s she doing in his residence; she need to consume well right here. She says she can’t consume with dandiya. He says she wishes to analyze like a child who analyze the whole thing at first. He teaches her a way to use chopstick. She tries. He says each new element is tough at first, however she need to analyze it. Narmada noticing that tells Arpita that Aryan is strict however an excellent teacher. Imlie cries remembering Aryan’s phrases that if her expensive ones have commonplace, then what’s she doing in his residence.

Malini walks to Adi and says he need to name returned Imlie right here as she can’t see him in ache of separation, she will forgive what Imlie did to her as she is aware of the ache of separation. Imlie alternatives telecellsmartphone to tell Adi in which she is staying, however receives Adi’s name and she or he says she wishes to inform him in which she is staying. He says what’s the use while he receives her statistics from others, her warden advised she didn’t visit hostel for the reason that 2 days. She asks why his voice is shivering, if he’s concerned for her or.. He asks her now no longer to extrade the subject and inform in which she is for the reason that 2 days. Aryan calls Imlie. Adi asks if she is in Aryan’s residence. She says yes. He asks what’s she doing in his residence and why did she depart hostel. She asks who advised him. He says her hostel warden advised and asks if he doesn’t have any proper to impeach her. She says he has on his very own however now no longer on someone’s advice, he shouldn’t provide verdict with out understanding truth. He asks if her warden is lying. She disconnects name pronouncing he trusts others than her. Malini asks Adi what did Imlie say. He says she didn’t, now she has to concentrate to him, he’ll move and produce her returned home. Malini thinks she despatched Imlie out of residence with fantastic problem and could now no longer allow her returned among her and Adi again.

Imlie at night time searches an area to sleep and fumes that Adi has a massive bungalow, however didn’t tell her in which to sleep. She keeps yelling and sleeps in the back of a table. Aryan walks down and falls slipping on her legs. She shouts a buffalo stepped on her feet, then relaxes seeing Aryan. Aryan asks what’s she doing right here. Narmada and Arpita stroll in subsequent and asks why turned into she snoozing on floor. She says Aryan didn’t provide her a room. Arpita drops her to a room. Narmada asks Aryan if he appreciated a lady. Aryan says Imlie is his worker. She says she is speakme approximately birthday birthday celebration girls, did he like every of them. He says she is aware of he isn’t fascinated and walks away. Narmada receives sad. Arpita consoles her. Narmada says she is concerned for her son. Arpita says quickly a lady will input Aryan’s lifestyles and extrade it. Imlie hears their conversation.

Precap: Adi enters Imlie’s room and says he got here to take her from right here. She shouts she, her dadda, and her complete own circle of relatives is incorrect, however he’s proper. He says if she doesn’t come alongside, he’ll communicate to Aryan; he drags her from there. Aryan notices that…


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