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Criminal orders young ladies to pick a brush and clean the floor. Imlie inquires as to for what reason should she. He says he found her a line of work abroad. Another thug undermines them at weapon point. Young ladies clean floor. A young lady requests that Imlie save her as thugs will kill them like they killed another young lady. Imlie acknowledges they are human dealers who sell young ladies as house keepers abroad. Malini meets Anu in prison and says she realized no one but she can design Imlie

s hijack. Anu says who else is so virtuoso and presents her fellow prisoner Rajni Devi and says she is more helpful than her kitty party companions, her new dearest companion. Rajni says she will become friends with her when young ladies arrive at their fate. Malini asks how might she make a criminal as her bestfriend. Anu says she will make even a jackass her bestfriend on the off chance that she can kick out worker Imlie from Adi’s life, Adi will miss Imlie and afterward will fail to remember her, then, at that point, Malini and her child can cheerfully live with Adi.

Imlie and different young ladies keep tidying and inconveniences thug. Hooligan then, at that point, orders them to clean the floor. Young ladies toss messy water on hooligans and flee. Rajni gets a call about it and orders she won’t extra them if young ladies escape. Malini asks Anu consider the possibility that Imlie discovers she is behind her capture. Anu says she thought Rajni is a clever criminal, however she is an idiot and consequently in prison.

Adi strolls to them and asks Malini what is she doing and accusing Anu asks where has she stowed away Imlie. Anu asks how might she know being in prison. Malini says she came to stand up to mother for same, yet mother knows nothing. Anu goes about as crying and says her girl as a result of whom she is in prison questions her. Imlie with young ladies runs on street.

Adi with Malini comes to goes to police headquarters and requests that assessor record his better half Imlie’s hijacking case. Overseer asks since when she is missing and on the off chance that he has any verification that she is seized. Adi says he knows. Overseer says his better half probably headed off to some place, he can’t record objection for 24 hours. Adi blows up on overseer and makes trouble with him. Adi says he most definitely will discover his significant other and leaves. Overseer requests that Malini control Adi. Imlie arrives at police, yet before that hooligans capture her once more.

Adi arrives at his witness in an alcohol shop and clarifying him entire circumstance requests to discover where his significant other is. Witness calls his assistant who illuminates about young ladies being seized and sent to another country as house cleaners and their flight is in 2 hours. Adi says he needs to arrive at air terminal soon and orders source to pick his call sometime later. Malini gets back to Anu and says police denied to record protest for 24 hours. Rajni illuminates that his thugs grabbed young ladies again and have taken them to air terminal.

Hooligans arrive at air terminal camouflaged as clinical group and take young ladies calmed on wheelchairs. They pass first security section and at second passage, official calls air terminal specialist to cross check their reports. Specialist upholds hooligans. Thugs clear second section and thanks specialist who requests that he advise Rajni to send installment on schedule. Thug tells his partner that young ladies won’t awaken for at some point because of sedation. Adi comes to there and in the wake of checking flight subtleties calls witness and requests to discover where criminals take young ladies. Imlie hearing him awakens and unfit to talk lifts hand figuring he should see her.

Hooligan video considers his thug and shows his group enthralling entire T family. Mithi with Dev visits T house. Thugs spellbind even them. Thug cautions Imlie on the off chance that she attempts to actoversmart, his hooligans will kill her entire family. Imlie can’t talk, yet gains solidarity to open her shroud bunch and toss paper tied in her pallu imploring Seeta Maiya to send her message to Adi. Adi shows Imlie’s pic to travelers and inquires as to whether they saw this young lady. They all deny seeing her. He steps on paper and believes witness’ data can’t be off-base. Thugs load up trip with young ladies. A man sees paper under Adi’s shoe and advises him. Adi picks it and perusing note acknowledges it Imlie’s penmanship.

Precap: Adi demands security officials to let him inside flight, however they deny him. Flight is going to take off when Imlie cries.

Hooligan cautions to kill his mom in the event that she makes show, and she stops. Rajni educates that flight is going to take off..


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