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Sundar sees Imlie tidying kitchen and requests that she study and let him work. She says she finished her examinations and is tidying to unwind. Malini strolls in and requests that she dust her room. Rupali insults that Malini’s room is loaded with dust, just Imlie can clean it. Malini answers that auntie/bua is concerned for her neice/nephew. Rupali insults strong relationship. Anu is placed in prison. She yells it should have a few guidelines,

her worker would have served her almond smoothie right now. Constable offers her prison food. Anu yells this food is most exceedingly terrible than her worker food. Constable yells she can have it or skip it. Anu sees her cell prisoner seeking VIP treatment and questions constable.

Constable yells back at her and leaves. Cozy presents herself as no-nonsense criminal Rajni Devi who is engaged with murders, illegal exploitation, and so forth, and pointing blade at Anu takes steps to keep her mouth shut. Anu yells for help. Rajni gets her helper’s call that one young lady among numerous they seized for illegal exploitation passed on. She gets strained and attempts to cut Anu. Anu says she will take care of her concern and will offer her a worker young lady.

Work business agency individuals visit T house for review and requests to show worker’s IDs as they are following underage representatives. Sundar goes to get his ID. Official requests that Imlie show her ID card. Pankaj says she is his bahu/DIL. Official says they got a data that this house has 2 workers, Imlie doesn’t look like from Delhi and looks underage. Pankaj blows up and goes to call Adi. Imlie goes to get her ID. Sundar shows his adhaar card, and they request that he get tea for them.

Imlie gets ID card. They grab her and remove her. Adi strolls towards parlor asking Pankaj for what reason didn’t he check their ID cards. Mithi at C house supplicates Seeta maiya to secure her little girl and give her boldness to clear the entirety of her obstacles. Light passes over. Mithi gets strained reasoning its an abshagun and implores Seeta Maiya to ensure her little girl. Adi sees officials and Imlie missing and discovers her ID card and broken container close by. Family accumulates and search Imlie. Adi inquires as to whether they really look at officials’ names. Sundar days he didn’t. Rupali with Sundar goes to check in area. Dulari gets stressed. Malini says she probably taken a walk getting exhausted at home. Dulari shouts at her.

Hijackers take Imlie to their nook. Imlie cautions them that they committed an error by bringing her here and will rebuff them. Thug focuses weapon at her. She picks a wooden stick and says she isn’t anxious about weapon. Another thug inquires as to whether she can. Hooligan calls different young ladies and says they fear firearm, she ought to sit with them quietly or see them biting the dust.

Imlie strolls to them and asks how are they abducted, they should trust Seeta Maiya. Hooligan requests that they remain in a line. At T house, Adi gets stressed for Imlie. Malini says he need not stress as Imlie will get back soon. Dulari hollers at her. Mithi calls Tripathis and requests that they let her address Imlie. Aparna inquires as to whether Imlie didn’t come there. Dulari says her girl is absent. Sundar and Rupali return and advise that no one from Labor work agency.

Anu acquaints herself with Rajni and says thanks to her for seizing Imlie and says she can spend her entire abundance if Imlie escapes her and her little girl’s lives. Rajni inquires as to whether Imlie can do family errands appropriately. Anu says she is from town and fills in as a worker here. Rajni calls her associates and orders them to give family errands to young ladies and test on the off chance that they can function as servants. Thug drops trash and asks young ladies to clean it. Nishant educates that he checked with work business department and they didn’t send any officials. Sundar faults himself for going in to bring tea for counterfeit officials. Adi says Imlie is hijacked.

Precap: Girl argues Imlie to save them as thugs will kill them. Imlie understands that thugs abduct young ladies and sell them abroad.


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