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Tripathis plan a marvel birthday birthday celebration to welcome Imlie as their daughter-in-law/bahu and talk they shouldn’t permit Adi realize as he’s going to ruin all of the marvel. Imlie walks to them and questions. Harish acts as scolding her to pay attention on her work. Malini joins them and feels satisfied considering the fact that. Once Imlie leaves, Rupali tells Harish that it turned into a noisy acting. He says he couldn’t suppose a great deal while Imlie got here abruptly. Pankaj says they shouldn’t harm Imlie in lieu of giving her a marvel. Malini asks what marvel are they making plans for Imlie. Aparna says she desires to accurate her mistake, she by no means taken into consideration Imlie as her bahu however Imlie taken into consideration her as a mother, so if she doesn’t be given Imlie now, she will be able to’t be an awesome maa or saas/MIL. Adi hears that and asks if she desires to be given Imlie as bahu. Harish says gabbar got here to ruin their marvel. Nishant informs approximately their marvel plan for Imlie. Aparna says she desires to carry out Imlie’s graha pravesh and asks if she can be able to forgive him. Adi emotionally hugs and thank you her. Malini receives jealous. Pankaj asks Adi now no longer to ruin their marvel. Adi asks which marvel. Harish asks now no longer to tell him as they don’t agree with him. Adi says he’s going to now no longer have breakfast then. Pankaj offers his promise.

Aparna asks Malini if she is fine. Malini says yes. Rupali says Malini is worked up as she is Imlie’s elder sister. Adi asks if she had morning medicine. Malini says she is having morning illness and walks away. Malini returns to her room and angrily breaks things. She cries that Imlie is prevailing even after her efforts. She asks Adi’s picturegraph why he fell in his love for 7 years and abruptly left her for Imlie, complete own circle of relatives is satisfied forgetting that she is Adi’s legally wedded spouse and his baby’s mother, however she can be able to now no longer permit Adi neglect about that simplest she has an area in his coronary heart and could now no longer permit Imlie win. She burns Imlie’s picturegraph pronouncing there’s no location for Imlie among her and Adi.

Imlie cries in her room. Adi offers her garba sticks and asks if she can be able to now no longer play garba with own circle of relatives. Imlie cries that his own circle of relatives didn’t be given her but. He says even she didn’t neglect about him but and is thinking about him a stranger. She says she considers him as her and therefore irritated on her. He says further elders are irritated on her and asks to bounce with him and show that their dating remains strong. She denies. He forcefully dances with her. She offers up and dances with him. Piya Tose Milne.. track performs withinside the background.

Next morning, Tripathis pick out their garba night time clothes. Radha items garba get dressed to Sundar and he thank you her. Rupali asks what approximately a spare get dressed. Radha says tailor stitched more and offers it to Imlie. Imlie walks away sadly. Adi says she can be able to cry in the event that they hold their acting. Malini asks if she will be able to invite her mother and father for tonight’s function. Tripathis’ face changes. Adi says sorry, no person could be snug with Anu’s presence after latest incidents, Anu continually creates issues at some stage in functions. Malini says she is familiar with however turned into lacking her mother. Aparna says she will be able to invite her mother then. Malini thank you her. Aparna says she herself will invite Anu and Meethi. Radha and Rupali like her concept whilst Meethi receives jeaolous listening to that.

Imlie whilst returning domestic sees a boy writhing in extreme ache and requires assist. A biker walks to them. Imlie says she wishes a health practitioner and now no longer biker. Biker says he’s Dr. Abhimanyu Birla, exams boy and comforts him. Boy relaxes. Abhimanyu says it turned into a panic attack. Imlie asks if a person stole his buffaloes. Boy says a person broke his coronary heart and snatched the whole thing from him. Imlie recalls Adi’s betrayal and says she is aware of the way it feels while coronary heart breaks and agree with is broken. Abhimanyu says he doesn’t apprehend coronary heart smash, there’s simplest stop end result of it, ache and simplest health practitioner can assist tension attacks. Imlie says someone who will smash his coronary heart could be very close to him. He drives away. She thinks if all bikers are arrogant.

Anu receives Malini’s name and fumes listening to approximately Tripathis marvel plan for Imlie. She panics sees a rat. Meethi laughs seeing her situation. Anu yells to forestall giggling and take this rat out of her residence. Meethi says she ought to talk to her with admire if she wishes assist. Anu requests. Meethi places rat in a cage. Anu scoffs that she knew Meethi can as female like her effortlessly entice animals or guys of their grips in seconds. Dev walks to them and says Tripathis invited them for garba birthday birthday celebration tonight. Anu says she is aware of as Malini already knowledgeable her. Dev says he’s talking to Meethi and ignoring her tells Meethi that Aparna and Radha mainly invited her. Meethi asks if Adi’s own circle of relatives standard Imlie. Dev says they have. She says she can be able to put together dishes and take it for them. Dev says he’s going to purchase her elements needed. Anu fumes considering the fact that and thinks allow us to see who will entice whom.

The episode ends.


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