Imlie 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tripathi own circle of relatives plays nine women’ pooja depicting as Devimaa’s nine paperwork and take their benefits. Imlie alerts at Jiya and calls Pranav to take benefits. Pranav bends to take blessing. Girls faucet him in lieu of blessing him. Imlie asks them to bless her jijaji loudly. Jiya faucets him greater loudly, and pendrive falls down from his the front pocket. MLA calls him and asks to return back out. He rushes closer to door while Rupali stops him and gives his favourite juice. He pushes juice tray and walks away, leaving her bowled over. He then meets MLA to provide pendrive however realizes pendrive falling down even as taking benefits and rushes returned in to get pendrive. Girls byskip on pendrive. Pranav catches them and forcefully opens female’s fist. Pankaj noticing him asks what happened. Girl indicates marble. Pranav says female is hiding marble. He then notices them passing pendrive and rushes to grab it while Rupali takes it. He says proper she took his pendrive from women as they have been gambling with it wondering it as a toy. Imlie stops Rupali.

Elder Tripathis pray for own circle of relatives’s happiness. Nishant, Sundar, and Dulari additionally pray them. Imlie asks Rupali now no longer to provide pendrive to Pranav as he’s a traitor. Pranav says Imlie is jealous of him and Rupali and doesn’t need to peer them glad, he insists to go back his pendrive. Rupali recalls Pranav’s impolite conduct and says she trusts Imlie now and asks what’s her favourite memory. He asks why she is calling right now and says taking part in ice cream in rain at some point of honeymoon. She apologizes Imlie for now no longer trusting her and asks what’s her favourite memory. Imlie says she can be able to, however she has to erase it forever. Rupali says she knew Pranav didn’t come for her. Pranav is of the same opinion that he got here right here for pendrive and laughs that he left her years in the past for some other lady and she or he changed into a idiot to blindly consider him. She says she knew approximately his infidelity given that day 1 and tolerate him for her daughter’s and his and her mother’s sake, she is leaving him this time forever. Their argument and Imlie’s heavy dialogues continue. He attempts to slap Rupali and take hold of pendrive from her. Imlie stops him and displaying lady strength brutally trashes him. Police catches him. Imlie asks to arrest him as he’s worried with smugglers and indicates pendrive as evidence. Police arrests Pranav and drags him away.

Jiya offers pendrive to MLA. MLA plugs it into computer and is bowled over to Imlie’s hilarious video instead. Police arrests even him and frees Aditya instantly. Adi thank you police. Imlie sees Rupali crying and asks if she is lacking her husband again. She says she made a mistake with the aid of using trusting Pranav. Imlie chants jai devi maiya ki and says devi maiya taught them ladies strength and that they don’t want a man’s aid for everything. Adi says he’s right. Harish and Radha express regret Rupali for now no longer letting her choose her existence accomplice and ruining her existence. After sometime, Aparna tells Pankaj that Rupali could be very brave to undergo betrayal twice. Pankaj says Imlie stored their own circle of relatives. Aparna says she is aware of what he means, she behaved together along with her rudely after understanding truth, she doesn’t understand the way to express regret her. Pankaj says she want now no longer express regret Imlie as Imlie simply desires her love, etc., and she or he must love Imlie as a MIL. Aparna says she can be able to in Imlie’s style. He says that’s exciting, what’s her plan.

Precap: Manali asks Aparna what has she notion approximately Imlie. Aparna says she desires to accurate her mistake and take delivery of Imlie as her bahu. Adi receives glad listening to that. Malini angrily breaks matters and burns Imlie’s picturegraph wondering Imlie has to move from right here.


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