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Aditya reveals to Aparna that he doesn’t have a clue what befallen Imlie, how might she take choice of his life by acknowledging somebody’s demand, does she figure he will remain with Malini on the off chance that she loses her case. Aparna asks what’s going on in it. Adi says he doesn’t cherish Malini and can’t remain content with her. Aparna says its god’s desire that he and Malini stay together. Imlie enters and says its nor god’s nor Adi’s desire. Adi furiously attempts to leave. Imlie stops him and says she will show him confirmation. Aparna says she likewise needs to see it. Imlie says not presently as she can’t see Malini’s reality, so let just Adi see it. She takes Adi to room and shows him camera. He says he brought it for her.

She says she knows, he made video for herself and neglected to close it; its truly challenging for him to watch this. He watches video where he calls Imlie and Malini masked as Imlie gets private with her. Adi breaks seeing that and cries that Malini was his companion since years, how might she stoop so low, and so forth Imlie likewise cries that she needed to Malini to comprehend her slip-up and right it, yet its past the point of no return and she will show this video to everybody. Adi says his mother will break on the off chance that she sees this video and apologizes her for not paying attention to her. She says its not his misstep as he aimlessly confided in his companion, however his companion abused him for her advantage; he will go to court tomorrow while she clarifies family about the circumstance, this video ought to straightforwardly go to court. Aparna tells family that Imlie got some verification. Harish says she is lying as there is no confirmation. Radha says its her trick. Aparna says Imlie was extremely sure, couldn’t say whether she is telling truth. Adi strolls down with her and says Imlie has confirmation and was in every case right, he didn’t confide in her. Aparna requests that he show her confirmation. He says they will watch it straightforwardly in court.

Imlie illuminates KC about video proof. KC requests that she keep it securely and bring it straightforwardly to court. He figures he was unable to envision Malini can stoop so low. Malini enters. He says what is she doing here. She says she turned into an alien to him from a companion. He says they discovered proof against her and she can’t get away from now. Malini gets apprehensive and says its unimaginable.

He says he will bring proof straightforwardly to court and requests that she leave. Malini leaves strained. Imlie keeps supporting Adi. Adi checks out video again and thinks he thought Malini is following their kinship, yet she double-crossed their fellowship; she needs to answer tomorrow in court. Malini gets back and freezes recollecting KC’s words. Dev and Anu hurry to her and asks what occurred. Malini says Imlie discovered confirmation without wanting to her, she will go to prison now, Adi discovered truth and he will abhor for what seems like forever, she adores Aditya. She falls oblivious.

Following day, court hearing beginnings. Judge inquires as to whether he has any confirmation against Malini. KC says he has video proof where Malini sedated Adi and abused him without his assent. He plays video and thinks that it is clear. Desai says there is no video by any stretch of the imagination and indictment is fooling around. KC says there is a video. Specialist checks and says there is no information in memory card by any means. KC inquires as to whether she is certain this is that memory card. Imlie says yes and requests that Adi accomplish something.

Adi says when there is no information in card, he can’t do anything. KC says his information was altered and erased intentionally. Desai says resistance is deluding court and with nothing to do. KC demands judge to allow him 20 minutes. Judge says he can’t get additional time as he previously burned through a great deal of time. Imlie makes Seeta Maiya’s vow and says there was proof. Judge requests that he sit. She asks who is he to quiet down, he should give some an ideal opportunity to get proof once more. Judge requests that KC control his customer and reports that since indictment didn’t get strong evidence, this case is excused. Malini unwinds while Imlie breaks.

Precap: Imlie asks Adi for what reason wouldn’t he be able to see its Malini’s connivance. Adi says he can’t rebuff everybody for Mrs Chaturvedi’s intrigue. Malini says she is pregnant with Adi’s child.

Precap: Pritam goes to search for the pack. He sees Amrita grinning during rest. Dada ji says I know his reality, Mansoor revealed to me everything, who is he. Baljeet says confess to every one of the privileged insights today.


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