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Aditya asks Imlie to go back his pen pressure. Imlie says its now no longer with her. He says he wishes to ship it to office. She thinks how to inform Pranav took it and is going to get it. Malini sensing an possibility walks to Adi and asks if he’s getting angry seeing a mob, she had requested Imlie to ask best indexed visitors, however she loves accumulating mob. Sundar offers him a file. Adi tells Malini that she is false impression, he’s satisfied that complete locality is celebrating pageant collectively due to Imlie. Malini asks if he noticed how rudely Imlie speaks with Pranav. Adi says Pranav isn’t a great man, Imlie simply wishes maintain all of us satisfied, she didn’t ask Malini to move whilst her and his courting become revealed, Imlie is careless however now no longer insensible. Malini says she confirmed adulthood instead. Adi says she is inaccurate that Imlie didn’t choose her, she ought to preserve to expose her adulthood.

Imlie prays god to assist her get pen pressure again from Pranav. Policemen thank Tripathis for inviting them in pooja. Pranav thinks don’t recognise how Imlie determined out pen pressure is with him, he ought to use Imlie’s invited police in opposition to her to get away from here. He calls commissioner and informs that he is aware of approximately a large drug deal. Inspector informs Adi that there may be a drug cargo at their residence and a person is coping with tablets here. T own circle of relatives is bowled over to listen that. Aparna says that is pooja residence and he’s mistaken. Adi says permit police clean their false impression and takes them to go looking his room first. Pranav walks out of residence with pendrive. Imlie stops him and asks if he’s stealing Adi’s pendrive. Pranav says he already did, she doesn’t recognise who he’s.

Police unearths tablets in Adi’s room and arrests him. Pankaj and Aparna plead that their son is a journalist and innocent. Imlie realizes Pranav planted tablets in Adi’s room. Police asks Adi to cooperate. Adi assures Aparna that not anything will take place to him as he’s being framed and might be loose and walks away with police. Rupali requests Pranav to apply his contacts and bail out Adi. Pranav says he has left that process and misplaced his contacts. Malini blames Imlie for calling unknown humans domestic and getting Adi into trouble. Aparna helps Imlie and says its now no longer her mistake as she simply invited visitors for pooja. Malini is going to tell Dev.
Pranav says he’s going to pass and use his contacts to loose Adi. Imlie insists him to live with own circle of relatives and phone his contacts. Harish makes a decision to go to police station with seniors in his vehicle and asks Pranav to pressure some other vehicle. Imlie insists to accompany Pranav and demanding situations him that he might be in prison quickly.

Dev receives Malini’s name and informs Mithi that Adi is arrested in drug ownership case. Anu laughs that Adi have to be taking tablets, as a result he fell for a servant in place of Malini. Dev warns him to be in her senses. Anu scoffs senior servant Mithi that if Malini can not get Adi, even Imlie can not. Mithi tears her sari pallu and forcefully shuts her mouth. Dev grins and says he can watch what he couldn’t do.

At police station, inspector tells T own circle of relatives that Adi must be in lockup at the moment and that they ought to discover proof and show Adi innocent. Pranav receives MLA’s name and disconnects it repeatedly, he thinks he wishes to satisfy MLA quickly and provide him pendrive. Imlie thinks she wishes to forestall Pranav in police station by some means until she proves Adi innocent. She clashes with Pranav purposefully and fights with him. Police arrests them each and places them in the back of bars in Adi’s prison cell. Adi is bowled over to look them and asks what happened. Imlie says she stopped a thief from escaping and tells Pranav that she already informed him that she can be able to ship him in the back of bars.

Precap: Imlie indicators Adi that Pranav is hiding pendrive in his pocket.


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