Imlie 25th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya reaches workplace and searches Imlie. Editor asks him if tomorrow’s paper may be with out a headline. Adi says he despatched him article the day past night time itself and asks if he noticed Imlie. Editor says Imlie is in Aryan’s cabin. Imlie in Aryan’s cabin thinks he referred to as her early and himself is missing. She reminisces warden throwing water on her and waking her up for leaving lighting on. She hurriedly finishes article and reaches workplace and hopes Aryan accepts her article, remembering Pankaj and Harish’s words. She begins offevolved her jokergiri and sitting on Aryan’s chair mimics him. She performs with the chair and falls down. Aryan enters and seeing her on ground lifts chair as an alternative and indicators her to get up. She receives up. He says if she has to take a seat down on his chair, she has to earn it. She murmurs and yells at him. He asks what’s she doing in his cabin. She submits her report. He reads it and asks rather than multination and company ladies, she researched on vegetable and tea vendor. She explains her reasoning in detail. He receives inspired and says her speech gets a area in Bhaskar Times. She fortunately thank you him and says many ladies may be acknowledged. He says he simply thinks of earnings and needs his newspaper attain 99% humans and now no longer simply 1%. She walks away murmuring. Imlie walks to her table searching at Adi fortunately and thinks he didn’t ask even without delay approximately her report. Adi thinks she now no longer even as soon as knowledgeable approximately her report, however appears satisfied.

Adi returns domestic withinside the evening. Malini serves him water and asks how turned into his day. He says it turned into fine. Aparna questions him if he met Imlie and the way her article. He says Imlie submitted article to his boss, however he doesn’t understand if boss everyday it or now no longer. Malini hears their verbal exchange and thinks Imlie is unpredictable. Imlie returns to hostel and walks in the direction of warden hiding her arms behind. Warden receives afraid questioning she desires to take revenge. Imlie gives her rose and thank you her for waking her up on time. Warden shoos her away. Back at T house, Aparna asks Adi why didn’t he ask Imlie approximately her article. Adi says she should have as an alternative. Malini says Adi turned into busy operating complete night time at the article, he ought to give attention to his profession as an alternative and indicates his every article preserved via way of means of her.

Next morning at Aryan’s house, Narmada and Arpita throughout breakfast speak and reward Imlie’s article. Aryan joins them. Narmada praises approximately the object. Arpita says her Imlie wrote it. Maid additionally praises article and offers an emotional speech. Aryan smiles and says allow us to have breakfast. At hostel, Imlie fortunately distributes her article to hostel friends. Mithi calls her and emotionally says complete village study her artcile, postman is analyzing her article 0.33 time. Imlie says its approximately all ladies like her who sacrifice their lives and come to be effective like Seeta Maiya. Mithi says Imlie is robust now via way of means of writing this newsletter and asks what did Adi say. She adjustments subject matter and says she has numerous paintings pending. Mithi says Adi by no means certain her in kitchen. Imlie says Adi himself is certain via way of means of Malini’s lies. Mithi says she needs her to go back to her house. Imlie sees warden coming and says she can be able to make her great buddy study the object first. She indicates her article to warden. Warden acts angry. Hostel friends reward her article. Warden asks whilst will she provide them a party. She why now no longer and walks away fortunately.

Tripathis get satisfied analyzing Imlie’s article and indicates it to Adi. Adi additionally receives satisfied. Malini attempts to initiate him that CEO omitted a senior journalist’s article and posted an intern’s article, Imlie remains immature to put in writing an article, etc., however Adi ignores her. Narmada forces Aryan to accompany her to temple. Aryan says she should have taken a driver. She asks him to kick back and gambling pop track dances. He asks what’s she doing. She says she needs him to revel in forgetting his concerns and asks what’s bothering him. He says he has paintings tension, remembering Arpita and Arvind’s accident, and says he’s okay.

Precap: Aryan notices Imlie in temple and asks why didn’t she visit workplace yet. She says she got here for darshan. Narmada receives satisfied seeing Imlie and insists Aryan to take Imlie to workplace.


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