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Aryan orders Imlie to complete her record on her decided on subject matter via way of means of the next day eight a.m. and post to him. Adi asks how will she end this type of massive article in this type of brief span. Imlie says she can be able to to create an identification for herself. Adi walks away angrily asking her to do something she desires to. Imlie sits on table searching for Seeta maiya’s assist and not able to open pc thinks of writing the thing on paper. Editor walks to Adi and asks how can Imllie end this type of massive undertaking via way of means of the next day and asks him to mentor her. He in addition informs Imlie that Adi will mentor her and asks them each now no longer to fight. He then walks into Aryan’s cabin and asks if he doesn’t assume he’s too strict to Imlie. Aryan says no, he desires to make Imlie comprehend there’s a distinction among university undertaking and information paper artcile. He then asks approximately their the next day’s newspaper headline. Editor says Aditya wrote an amazing article approximately company homes stealing taxes. Aryan asks in which is Adi now. Editor says he’s mentoring Imlie.

At T residence, Aparna offers laddoo field to Harish and Pankaj and asks them to provide it to Imlie and now no longer end themselves. Harish asks why could he scouse borrow from a child’s field. Aparna says she can be able to accompany and secret agent on them. Radha says she can be able to additionally cheat like her father. Rupali says she became going for telecellsmartphone restore and concept of assembly Imlie at the manner. Nishant says he’ll get telecellsmartphone repaired. Malini recollects breaking Imlie’s telecellsmartphone whilst she data her crime and thinks she could be in hassle the video is leaked.

Aditya takes Imlie to a commercial enterprise residence Malik Enterprises’ workplace and says its CEO isn’t always from Malik own circle of relatives and reached her future through her difficult paintings, so he added her to take CEO’s interview. Imlie notices a roadside girl tea seller and says she can be able to take her interview. Adi says he already took CEO’s appointment and ensures her article could be suitable with that interview. Imlie says whilst Ramji couldn’t assure Seeta maiya’s hapiness, there’s no assure of something on this world. He says he simply desires her to apply his 10-12 months revel in and is supporting on editor’s order, so he hopes she doesn’t take it on her ego. She asks why he thinks she argues with him to get her matters done, why can’t she assume herself, his responsibility as a mentor is to recommendation and accepting it’s far her desire, she is a female because 19 years and her intestine feeling is usually right, so he shouldn’t take it on his ego.

She walks to female and shopping for tea asks female what she does in tea shop. Lady says she brings grocery and prepares tea and maggi. Imlie then asks Lady’s husband what he does. He says he handles cash. Imlie asks aunty does all of the paintings and he is taking money. He asks how will she take care of calculation. Imlie asks with out calculating grocery expenses, how will aunt purchase it; he simply enjoys her difficult paintings. He says he’s her husband and boss. Imlie asks because whilst they may be going for walks this tea stall. He says 6 years. Lady says 7 years, in advance he used to paintings in contrary workplace as a watchman and because he misplaced job, she concept of starting a tea stall in the front of workplace and do the paintings which she commonly does at home. Imlie says its her concept and her husband have become her boss instead. She tells Adi that many girls like aunty are unknown and can’t be determined in massive offices. She asks female why she couldn’t grow to be a boss. Lady says she simply desires a person to do not forget as identical and if she had studied, she could were operating some other place and if her husband had relied on her, she could have dealt with tea stall and her husband could have labored some other place. Imlie shows she ought to depart someone who doesn’t believe her, thank you her and leaves after deciding to buy tea. Adi says he’ll drop her to hostel. She walks away pronouncing whilst she will live alone, she will move alone.

Imlie reaches hostel murmuring. Harish and Pankaj go to her. Imlie receives glad seeing them. Harish jokes and makes her laugh. Pankaj asks how is her paintings going. She says its suitable, however boss is troublesome. Harish says he’ll scold Adi. Imlie says her boss is distinctive who’s very strict and ordered her to complete a massive article via way of means of morning. They congratulate her for purchasing a hazard to badmouth her boss and say boss will loosen up seeing her difficult paintings. They then provide her Aparna’s organized laddoos. She says those will provide her energy to paintings complete night. They desire her suitable good fortune and depart. At Aryan’s residence, Arpita and Narmada display him girls’ images and demand him to get married or have a female friend to give up his loneliness. He says he isn’t always lonely and recollects Imlie. Arpita says he concept of a person, who’s she. He says he gave paintings to a person and became wondering if she completed it or now no longer. Imlie falls asleep after having hypnotic medicinal drug laced laddoos.

At T-residence, Adi attempts to jot down down article. Malini walks to him and asks why he seems tensed. He says his CEO gave a massive undertaking to Imlie, he’s involved that she won’t entire it on time. Malini smriking remembering blending hypnotic drug in laddoos and says she enquired approximately Aryan who’s a wealthy eligible bachelor. He asks why she is enquiring approximately his boss. She says she looks like as seeing Imlie’s nature who befriends wealthy human beings and movements on with them, perhaps this is the manner she makes relationships. He receives greater tensed. Malini thinks he’ll doubt on Imlie greater now, Imlie’s goals should have shattered via way of means of now. Imlie is visible nevertheless sleeping.

Precap: Imlie sitting on Aryan’s chair mimics him and falls down from chair. Aryan enters and notices her.


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