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Imlie informs Rupali that she noticed Pranav getting out of Dhruv and Nidhi’s room and he stole greeting card from there and talented it to Rupali. Malini asks if she will show it; if no, then why she is scary Rupali towards her husband; there are hundreds of equal playing cards in marketplace and if Pranav talented equal card to Rupali, then its only a coincidence. Imlie says Pranav betrayed Rupali earlier than. Malini says even Imlie betrayed her and this family, she became mendacity considering the fact that she entered this residence, however they forgave him; who’s she to decide Pranav after this. Imlie tells Rupali that she isn’t giving verdict however providing her thought.

Malini says she can’t apprehend Rupali as no person attempted to grab her husband, she might imagine the alternative female who stole Rupali’s husband as higher. Imlie asks her to prevent it. Malini asks her to prevent it as an alternative as Rupali is attempting to rebuild her damaged residence, however a residence breaker will now no longer apprehend. Imlie says she didn’t spoil all of us’s residence, a dating status on a lie can’t survive.

Malini says she is Adi’s legally wedded spouse and is with him considering the fact that 7 years, then how can she inform her dating as fake. Imlie says human beings spoil accept as true with because of failed accept as true with and intentions and she or he desires Imlie to prevent interfering among Rupali and her husband. Imlie says Malini is meddling among her and Adi. Rupali asks them each to prevent and warns Imlie to now no longer talk towards Pranav.

She says she continually supported her and Adi’s dating and fought with all people for her, however while Imlie has to help her, she is doubting Pranav; Pranav betrayed her and she or he is trusting him again, then why can’t Imlie accept as true with Pranav. Imlie says she will’t see Rupali spoil down again. Rupali asks her to depart earlier than she begins offevolved doubting on Pranav. Imlie walks away. Malini thinks its higher to make Imlie’s supporters towards her as opposed to seeking to kick her out. She consoles Rupali.

Adi works on MLA’s information and tells Imlie that that is his life’s largest story. Editor calls him and asks him to drop the pen power in workplace to get it established as he doesn’t need all of us to show it as fake. Adi concurs and asks Imlie to get pen power. Pranav hears their communication and rushes to thieve pen power.

Rupali stops him and says she has deliberate an day out with him after navratri. He nods sure questioning he wishes to attain pen power earlier than Imlie reaches it. Rupali indicates him shortlisted resorts, and he with out searching asks to ee-e book whichever she likes. She says she desires him to test pics. He says it doesn’t matte and says she is her actual view and lodge view doesn’t matter. He excuses her and walks away.

Imlie heads closer to idol while door bell rings. She tests and brings police in. Inspector seeing idol says its very beautiful, they got here on time. Pankaj and Harish get tensed seeing police and express regret inspector for Imlie’s mistake. Inspector says they didn’t apprehend their daughter well, she invited them for aarti and praises her questioning. Malini says allow us to greet different visitors also. Imlie notices Pranav close to idol and thinks if he desires to thieve it. Pranav steals pen power and attempts to run away.

Rupali stops him. Pen power falls down. Rupali says allow us to move for aarti. He says he has a few paintings outside. She says he doesn’t appear interested by her. He says she is his #1 priority, searching at pen power. Imlie reveals pen power lacking and walks to him and says he’s mendacity. She alleges him of stealing pen power. He denies and asks what’s unique in that pen power. She says he is aware of higher and needs to test him. He insists Rupali to test him. She hesitates, however tests on his similarly insistence and asks Imlie why she is doing this.

Imlie keeps her allegations. Rupali says variations among Adi and Imlie doesn’t suggest she must create variations among different couple also. Imlie says she didn’t suggest it. Rupali asks Pranav to sign up for her and walks away. Pranav selections pen power and runs away. Adi waits for Imlie and asks approximately pen power. She stands silently and thinks a way to get pen power lower back from Pranav.

Precap: Inspector arrests Adi after locating tablets in his room.


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