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Rajkumar Chahar, president of the BJP Kisan Morcha, on Sunday claimed that there has been a big political conspiracy behind the farmers’ agitation that has been going on for the last three months over the three agricultural laws, and alleged that the parties which had lost their political land in the democratic system are now the shoulders of the farmers But having a gun, is struggling to get it back.

Chahar, the Fatehpur Sikri MP, in an interview to news agency PTI-Bhasha refused to believe that there was any wrinkle on the foreheads of the BJP leadership over the political loss of the peasant movement. However, he definitely said that the BJP’s concern is to double the income of the farmers and empower them financially.

He said, “The intention of the government is to increase the income of the farmers and bring meaningful changes in their lives while the politics of the opposition parties is to spread politics by spreading illusions and rumors.” He is aware of the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They are afraid that if the farmers across the country come with them then the political existence of the opposition will be in danger. ”

He said, “Therefore, the opposition parties have given full force to stop Modi ji. Their only goal is not to stop Modi, so power is not going to come for the next 50 years, I really say that nobody will stop us for 50 years. We are all concerned people but the opposition is concerned about their families.

Chahar said that hence opposition parties are trying to save their remaining political land by showing fear of land to the farmers, while Prime Minister Chaudhary Charan Singh, Mahendra Singh Tikait and Sir Chhotu are pursuing the dreams of Ram.

On the demand of farmers’ organizations to withdraw the agricultural laws, the president of the BJP Kisan Morcha said that how can the government withdraw these laws at the behest of those who are only concerned with the middlemen?

He said, “These laws are in the interest of farmers. Common farmers are in a bit confused about these, because they are not fully aware of these laws. He said, “The confusion of such farmers is being removed.” BJP leaders are going among the farmers and telling them its benefits. ”

He said, “People like Priyanka Gandhi (Congress General Secretary), Sachin Pilot (Former Deputy Chief Minister, Rajasthan) are doing Kisan Panchayat. They should be given the name of public meeting and not of Kisan Panchayat. Panchayats are not one sided. ”

He said, “This is a big political conspiracy. Such farmers are being misled in a planned manner, who are not fully aware of the agricultural laws. The confusion has been spread more. It will take some time for the truth to reach the bottom.

Targeting him without naming the Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD), Chahar alleged that he is making agricultural laws an issue to strengthen his position in the coalition before the elections so that when there is a time for mutual coordination of tickets. At that time he could get maximum seats.

Chahar lashed out at the farmer leader Rakesh Tikait, accusing him of trying to shine his politics in the name of farmers and capitalizing on his tears.


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