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Imlie enters kitchen and seeing Pranav there asks what’s he doing in kitchen. He says he become making ready tea for Rupali. She says all of us had tea half-hour ago. He says he’s making ready tea which Rupali likes. Radha walks in and takes him away. He thinks Radha stored him from village spy. Imlie selections water pot and throws water in kitchen sink with out noticing paint from Pranav’s hand in sink. Radha calls her spouse and children and informs them approximately Pranav’s go back and Rupali reaccepting him. She informs that spouse and children are coming to bless Rupali and Pranav.

Aparna says they’re visible Rupali’s ache and tears every day, then how can Radha without problems forgive Pranav and ship Rupali with him. Radha says its Rupali’s choice, she didn’t divorce him and become anticipating his go back in view that years, so that they need to ship her away with Pranav. Malini say she is proper, they need to supply Pranav and Rupali’s dating every other threat as she is aware of the way it feels to split from husband and his own circle of relatives after marriage, etc. Harish says they shouldn’t be in a rush to take any choice. Aparna and Pankaj returned him. Radha says they shouldn’t postpone in true deeds.

Imlie walks closer to Adi’s room hesitantly to tell him approximately her observation. Adi notices her and asks why she is wondering a lot to satisfy him. She says she become simply checking if he’s in room or now no longer. He asks if she wishes to mention some thing. She says she fears that he’s going to now no longer accept as true with her as usual. He asks if she can be able to now no longer forgive him and communicate like before.

She says she doesn’t assume Pranav is true, how can Rupali forgive him so without problems after what he did. Adi says even he can not tolerate Pranav round Rupali, however its Rupali’s choice whether or not to forgive Pranav or now no longer; how can he ask Rupali now no longer to forgive Pranav whilst he himself is looking for Imlie’s forgiveness; Imlie need to combat together along with her and react, however prevent being farfar from him. She says how can she neglect about his betrayal, etc., and says she can be able to now no longer allow Rupi go through betrayal again. Adi asks what’s going to she do.

Pranav attempts to take out pen pressure from god’s idol whilst Rupali notices him and asks what’s he doing here. He says he become thanking god that she forgave him, asks if she trusts him or now no longer. She says she doesn’t recognise. Imlie enters and says they accept as true with whom they recognise nicely. Rupali says she is aware of Pranav in view that years. Imlie says she need to recognise how nicely she is aware of Pranav.

Rupali asks how. Imlie says with the aid of using thinking him. Family gathers. Radha asks Imlie if will take a look at Rupali and Pranav’s whilst they’re married for lots years. Imlie says sure as human beings extrade instantly, searching at Adi. Harish, Aparna, and Pankaj returned her. Imlie questions Pranav and Rupali through quiz. They solution best 2 questions proper and final wrong. Pranav says her alternatives had been what he wrote down. Rupali says her possibilities changed. Malini says Rupali’s possibilities had been identical once they had been together. Imlie says Pranav replied best 2 questions proper and final wrong, so they may now no longer ship Rupali with Pranav till he will increase his numbers.

Malini says Pranav remains this house’s son-in-regulation and Imlie is insulting him. Aparna says what’s a larger insult than a married daughter returning home, they can not ship their daughter with Pranav till he proves himself. Pankaj backs him. Harish says Pranav with nevertheless with them till Rupali herself makes a decision to transport out with him. Pranav thank you T own circle of relatives for giving him a threat. He then demanding situations Imlie that anything she attempts, he’s going to win for sure. She thinks some thing is incorrect with him. He thinks he can’t make MLA wait and need to supply him pen pressure soon.

Precap: Adi informs own circle of relatives approximately MLA supporting drug smugglers. Harish asks him to inform MLA’s name. Adi says Adarsh Kanth. Pranav’s telecellsmartphone rings.


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