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Harish asks Pranav to depart as every body hate him in T house. Pranav receives a name and walks out suspiciously. Imlie notices him. Rupali keeps crying. Aparna and Radha try and console her. Rupali asks why did Pranav go back after such a lot of months. Pranav gets MLA’s name who asks if he located pen pressure, says he gave him this challenge as he’s journalist/Adi’s relative remembering calling him and in search of his help. Pranav says he is aware of pen pressure’s location, remembering seeing Imlie hiding pen pressure in Devima’s idol, and says he’ll get it soon. MLA says he has time until tonight. Rupali asks Radha and Aparna what shall she do now. Radha says she turned into satisfied with Pranav.

Aparna says seeing the latest incidents, she is not able to distinguish among proper and wrong, so its as much as Rupali to determine what she wants. Pranav guarantees MLA to get him pen pressure with the aid of using night time and recollects seeing Imlie hiding pen pressure at the back of Devimaa’s idol and him burning curtain to divert every body’s attention; he thinks that is very crucial to him. Imlie walks to him and asks what’s crucial. He says Rupali. She says he stored Rupali’s lifestyles, so he ought to take prasad and go away as Rupali doesn’t want him back. He thinks this lady is simply too irritating, he ought to emotionally blackmail elders.

Pranav requests Harish to allow him meet Rupali as soon as. Harish says he left Rupali for every other woman, so he’s untrustable. Malini requests Harish to present him a threat. Imlie opposes. Their argument and Imlie’s gyaan sharing keeps. Malini says Rupali and Pranav are nevertheless now no longer but divorced, so allow them to determine themselves. Adi helps Imlie and says he doesn’t need his sister to consider a traitor and go together with him once more. Malini says they can’t intervene among husband and spouse and ought to allow them to determine themselves. Rupali walks in. Pranav pleads her to present him one extra threat and consider her. Rupali says she can be able to provide him a threat. Adi asks her to suppose nicely earlier than taking any decision. She says she did already. He says his aid is constantly with her. Radha says its an auspicious day nowadays as her daughter’s lifestyles is settling once more and asks Sundar to deliver aarti thali. Imlie asks

Rupali if she is in a rush to restore her dating or consider. Rupali says she idea Imlie knows her even though others don’t. Imlie says sorry. Rupali says don’t be as she is concerned as a soul sister, husband and spouse’s dating may also destroy with betrayal however now no longer love, so Imlie ought to pray for her satisfied married lifestyles. Imlie does, Rupali hugs her. Sundar brings aarti thali. Radha plays Rupali and Pranav’s aarti, and that they take her blessings. Imlie walks away. Malini follows her and says antique relationships are sturdy and can’t be damaged easily. Imlie says if a accomplice isn’t proper, its a handcuff than bonding and its higher they destroy handcuffs.

After sometime, Imlie folds her birthday birthday celebration pooja clothes. Harish walks in and allows her. She requests him to train her Maths as she can’t byskip with out his help. He consents and asks her to be examine for sophistication early morning tomorrow. She notices paint on her get dressed and thinks how did she get it whilst she painted idol in one of a kind clothes. Pranav washes paint on his hand in kitchen. Imlie notices him. Malini calls Anu and informs her that Rupali’s husband has again and her lifestyles is settling, however Adi continues to be farfar from her. Anu says Rupali is servant Imlie’s largest supporter, so as soon as Rupali is out of house, Adi can be Malini’s.

Precap: Imlie says they can’t consider Pranav after he betrayed Rupali normally and could now no longer allow Rupali betrayed once more.
He asks what’s going to she do.


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