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Police capture hooligans and remove them. Imlie inquires as to whether they are fine. Pankaj says they are and are glad that she is fine. Rupali says they were concerned for her, yet she saved their lives. Dulari and Mithi spoil Imlie. Malini returns and seeing police hauling thugs out asks Adi for what reason had police come here, in case everybody is fine, he need not stress as Imlie will return soon. Imlie says her trust demonstrated right, she is back. Malini is stunned to see her back, then, at that point, thanks god for her return. Rupali says they ought to ask god and say thanks to him.

Aparna concurs, and entire family strolls to home sanctuary. Adi requests that Imlie have something till family performs aarti. Imlie embraces Malini and says she is glad to see her response and requests that she express gratitude toward her mother due to whom she could sit in flight. Malini asks how can she know. Imlie says she shot a bolt in air, Malini turned into an objective and expresses gratitude toward her for demonstrating her uncertainty right; she is Imlie from Pagdandiya and will soar.

Malini rescues Anu. Anu exhaust that she needed to go through 3 days with crooks in prison as a result of worker and they couldn’t hurt worker. Malini apologizes her for investing energy in prison on account of her and feels tragic that Aditya is paying attention to just Imlie overlooking her essence. Anu says she should utilize her pregnancy guaranteed winner to gather Aditya’s consideration and gives her model that Dev returned back home for his girl Malini, she should make her child’s essence to Aditya and gradually Aditya will be driven away from worker Imlie.

Aparna goes kitchen. Imlie seeing her tires to leave. Aparna stops her and says thanks to her, says as much happened to her and surprisingly then she didn’t request that Malini leave, a debt of gratitude is in order for contemplating family, and so forth Dulari enters and says there is no utilization of expressing gratitude toward and satisfying Imlie, she should think how Imlie should feel seeing her youngster filling in another lady’s belly;

asks Imlie how might she surrender her right of turning into a mother to Kalini/Malini and allowing Kalini to grab her right, presently Adi doesn’t have any spot for her in his life. Imlie says Adi considers her as soul mate and won’t ever leave her. She leaves asking Seeta Maiya to give her fortitude to help Aditya. Next morning, Imlie awakens and asks Seeta Maiya who she inconveniences her regularly by getting her or Adi hijacked. She takes a gander at her school pack and recollects chief suspending her, then, at that point, figures she can learn at home itself and picks her books. Adi strolls in and solicitations to pardon him. She requests what. He says for deceiving her.

She inquires as to whether she can offer test just by byhearting responses without knowing their importance. He says no. She requests that he stop more than once saying sorry without seeing genuine issue. He requests that she clarify him then, at that point. She asks will he accept that Malini has changed and abused him to be with him, Anu did all intrigues, and they are utilizing Malini’s pregnancy as ace in the hole. Adi says he is simply stressed over child. She says in the event that he had upheld truth and not deceived her, she would have been in school.

Adi takes breakfast for Malini and awakens her. Malini gets cheerful, however at that point escapes creative mind hearing Dulari yelling and says she needed to see child’s dad first. Dulari says she is stressed for her child and brought family photographs for her child. She eliminates Adi and Malini’s photographs from dividers and fixes family and Adi Ilie’s photographs. Malini inquires as to whether she is finished. Dulari leaves glaring. During breakfast, Aparna inquires as to whether she is heading off to college, she will give her tiffin as she needs to deal with herself and child. .

Pankaj gets call from Imlie’s school and advises Imlie that Kunal had sent a notification to school that they can’t suspend her wrongfully. Chief apologizes Imlie and welcomes her for intercollege Hindi discussion contest. She cheerfully illuminates family. Aparna requests that Sundar pack tiffin for Imlie moreover. Dulari asks Nishant what is debatya. He clarifies. Dulari jokes to take Radha along as it’s not possible for anyone to prevail upon her in banter. Imlie’s allies giggle hearing that. Imlie prepares for school. Adi offers her to drop her to school. She says she will pass without anyone else. He says he will get her then, at that point, he realizes she isn’t anxious about human dealers or any hooligans, he needs her to get back with prize. Malini hears their discussion and figures she won’t allow him to get Imlie, will illuminate about it to Anu.

Precap: Anu stuffs Malini’s mouth with desserts refering to Malini’s success. Dev blows up on her..


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