Imlie 1st December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imlie sleeps on a park bench after Aryan catches her slumbering in workplace and ousts her. Three goons note and misbehave with her. She warns them to thoughts their personal business. They pull their dupatta away. Aryan catches dupatta, drapes it over Imlie, and warns them to spare a lonely female. Goons ask if he is aware of who they’re. Aryan clicks their images, exams their profiles on app, and famous their complete biodata leaving them tensed. He warns that all of them three might also additionally kill him, however whoever touches him first will die. They all three stroll closer to him, however then become aware of him the only who defeated wrestler Kooka in combat membership and break out from there. Imlie thank you him. He gives her water.

Anu tells Malini that driving force will drop her thoroughly home. Malini hopes looking Imlie slumbering at a roadside and experience peace. Dev enters and asks if they’re speakme approximately Imlie, what did they do to her. Anu confronts him that he’s involved most effective approximately his illegitimate daughter and now no longer afflicted her ruining his valid daughter’s life. Dev warns her to close up. Malini confronts him subsequent that he loves most effective Imlie and silently watched Imlie ruining her life. He says she is false impression him. She walks away angrily.

Aryan gives Imlie to live at his residence till she reveals a right area to live. She says she can be able to now no longer sacrifice her self-admire and might control through herself. He writes down a apartment settlement in his diary and says he’s going to deduct 5000 rs from her income each month until she remains in his residence; asks why she doesn’t need to live in his residence with out paying rent. She says even a stone receives hurt. He recalls Arvind’s automobile twist of fate and says stone doesn’t speak. Their chatting continues. He opens automobile door and asks her to take a seat down in. Malini notices that and thinks don’t recognise what magic Imlie does on guys that they fall for her easily. She alternatives a doggy and clicks their images in lieu of taking selfie and thinks she can be able to revel in Imlie’s lavish life.

Adi misses Imlie at the same time as having dinner and recalls their argument. Malini indicates him her selfie with a doggy. She asks Aparna if its cute, she cherished it a lot and notion of bringing him home. Rupali comments. Aditya notices Imlie in background, exams picturegraph and says she is with Aryan. Malini asks what’s Imlie doing with CEO at night. Aparna says they have to be working, she shouldn’t bother. Malini says its now no longer desirable to be CEO at night. Pankaj issues for Imlie. Adi calls hostel and reveals out that Imlie left hostel 2 days ago. He receives involved for Imlie and says she have to have come home. Aparna asks him to move and locate her out as Imlie is struggling among their tussle. Malini says Imlie have to be with an awesome man, perhaps Aryan. Adi walks to his room feeling jealous.

At Aryan’s residence, Narmada throws a celebration to women to carry out Aryan’s swayamvar, evaluates every female, and tells Arpita that no one is match to be her bahu and hopes Aryan brings an awesome female home. Aryan brings Imlie along.

Precap: Aryan tells Imlie that whoever instructed her now no longer to alternate herself or analyze new matters is an idiot…


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