Imlie 19th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Triapthi own circle of relatives greets visitors for Durga pooja. Harish tells Imlie that committee participants need to speak to her. Committee participants reward Harish for making pooja preparations higher than closing time. Harish offers credit score to Imlie. Committee participants thank Imlie. Imile nervously says she can’t receive their thank you as she has lots greater paintings to complete and publicizes Rupali’s bhajan performance. Rupali sings bhajan. Harish and Radha get emotional seeing their daughter singing.

Nishant offers credit score to Imlie. They each thank and bless her with teary eyes. Imlie says her application listing doesn’t have crying application, in order that they need to prevent crying revel in subsequent application of couple appearing aarti. Dulari asks what’s it. Nishant explains it. Harish and Radha carry out Devimaa’s aarti accompanied via way of means of others. Malini thinks similar to different couples, Adi will carry out aarti with her.

Aparna asks Aadi to head and carry out aarti. Adi indicators Imlie to come. Both Malini and Imlie head closer to him, however Imlie is stopped via way of means of visitors and Malini’s sari receives caught in a display piece. Imlie finishes attending visitors and plays aarti with Adi. Malini stands fuming. Dulari yells at her to prevent evil eyeing on her granddaughter and her husband and doesn’t allow Malini go. Malini thinks she can be able to now no longer spare Imlie and could flip her birthday party into mourning. She units hearthplace to curtains. Smoke begins offevolved leaving every body panicked.

Adi asks Imlie to test if elders are fine. Guests run out panicked. Malini begins offevolved coughing and her situation worsens. Adi rushes her to room. Nishant and Sundar activate curtain hearthplace. Rupali falls unconscious. Harish notices it and calls Nishant. Imlie rushes closer to Rupali whilst a person pushes her and rushes to Rupali’s rescue, lifts her and brings her out. Senior Tripathis are bowled over to look Rupali’s husband Pranav. Rupali opens eyes and surprised to look her husband lifting her.

Imlie thank you Pranav for saving Rupali’s existence. Aparna asks her now no longer to mention something. Pranav asks Rupali if she is fine. Nishant angrily shouts to dare now no longer take his sister’s name. Pranav says he got here to make an apology them. Harish asks he set hearthplace in his daughter’s existence and got here to shop her. Imlie asks who’s he. Rupali says her Pranav. Imlie says she wouldn’t have allow him contact Rupali if she knew he’s the only who betrayed Rupali and asks him to depart. Pranav apologizes Rupali and says allow him accurate his mistake. Imlie says he’s simply appearing and ruined Rupali’s existence. Malini asks her to prevent interfering among husband and spouse.

Imlie says she has visible Rupali crying oftentimes and whilst she is attempting to settle down, Pranav got here again to destroy her existence again; he need to take prasad and leave. Malini warns her to close up and prevent interfering whilst husband and spouse are reuniting after clearing their differences. Adi says allow Imlie talk as she constantly facilitates others. Pranav tells Imlie whoever she is, she doesn’t recognize among his and Rupali’s relationship. Adi says Imlie is his spouse and is aware of Rupali higher than him. Pranav kneels down and pleads Rupali to offer him one chance. Rupali runs away crying. Radha runs in the back of her. Harish asks Pranav to depart as all of them hate him. Pranav receives someone’s name and walks away searching tensed. Imlie notices it.

Precap: MLA asks Pranav to get pen pressure from Adi. Pranav thinks its vital to him. Imlie hears him and asks what’s vital to him.


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