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Aryan rashly drives vehicle and reaches his office. Imlie shivering receives out of vehicle and thinks she is aware of this place. He asks if she loved the ride. She says a lot. He asks why is she shivering then. Their nok jhok keeps, and he orders her to smooth his vehicle. His worker notices his spoilt vehicle and says he’ll ship it for washing. He says there may be no want for that as intern Imlie will smooth it. Imlie reacts and says Seeta maiya is sending rain to smooth the vehicle. He orders her to wipe it until its smooth and walks away. Rain starts, and he or she smooth vehicle. At T house, Harish returns domestic speakme approximately rains in iciness and asks Rupali to get him tea. She says Sundar is bringing tea for everyone. Sundar serves tea. Harish notices Aparna weaving sweater and asks who’s it for. She says for Imlie as she didn’t have her very own sweater to wear. Pankaj says together along with her type gesture and love, Imlie can also additionally go back domestic. Aparna hopes Imlie doesn’t need to do whatever low. Imlie keeps cleansing Aryan’s vehicle and thinks she used to smooth buffaloes in her village similarly.

Editor walks to Adi and asks if the whole lot is okay. Adi says his article changed into on first page, then how did it are available in layout. Editor says he isn’t always a very last authority anymore. Adi says very last choice need to be citizens, how will they realize approximately a departmental keep erroneously growing vegetable prices. Aryan walks in and says he need to be satisfied that his article is outlined as opposed to being dumped. Adi recollects their meetings. Editor informs that Aryan is Bhaskar Times’ new CEO. Aryan says Adi’s paintings is his identity, he has some questions for him. He asks given that whilst Adi is operating for Bhaskar Times. Adi says his tough paintings exhibits his paintings enjoy. Editor says Adi is their big name reporter sine 12 years and leaves for a meeting. Aryan questions Adi why his information paper move is losing and those are heading in the direction of magazine.

Adi offers lecture on reality and journalism, says he sells newspaper and Adi sells his honesty, he doesn’t need to earn earnings through promoting his honesty and selected this career to relay reality to people, Aryan need to undertaking walking a information paper whilst he can observe reality. Aryan says this is why he’s the high-quality reporter and he’s a high-quality businessman, he’ll paintings at the information which he orders to print till information paper becomes earnings; he’ll educate journalism to interns and simplest what he asks him to. Adi says he already gave mission to his interns. Aryan says besides one intern who will obey his orders. Adi notices Imlie cleansing Aryan’s vehicle drenching in rain, rushes to her with an umbrella, and insists her to get interior office. She denies and together along with her argument sends him away.

Malini returns domestic wondering she can be able to tell Adi that he’s involved for Imlie and he or she is roaming in imported cars. She sees Imlie’s bags in Adi’s room and asks Sundar why isn’t it eliminated but even after Imlie left domestic. Rupali says it offers them desire that Imlie will go back soon. Their argument starts. Rupali verbal assaults Malini and forces her to stroll away. Malini thinks she can be able to make Adi hate Imlie.

Aryan over telecellsmartphone informs Arpita that he gave internship activity to Imlie. Arpita praises him. Adi barges in and confronts him rudely for making Imlie wash his vehicle and asks to educate journalism to intern and now no longer make her do different paintings. Aryan says Imlie will study a lesson for her mistake and says his activity is to educate his 2 interns and now no longer argue with him. Adi walks away fuming. Imlie keeps cleansing vehicle sneezing and listening to interns discussing approximately their first day enjoy introduces herself. They humiliate her and say she will get a cleaner’s activity once you have her degree.

She says e3ven the desire get a activity and asks them what did they study today. They query her how she wiped clean vehicle. She explains in her very own fashion mountaineering vehicle’s roof. Aryan walks to her. She falls down seeing him. He calls her junglee and asks if she completed her task. She says its shiny as her future. A chook shits at the vehicle. She says its now no longer her mistake however chook’s. He says a chook ruined her courage, how will dream big. She demanding situations him together along with her lengthy dialogue.

Precap: Arpita notices Imlie drowsing in Aryan’s vehicle with excessive fever, scolds him for making her smooth vehicle, and orders to boost her and take her in. Aryan lifts Imlie and walks interior his house.


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