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At some stage in pallavi’s muh dikhayi/advent rite, aparna praises malini that she is asking lovely. Malini says pallavi is asking extra lovely. Pallavi and nishant sit for ritual. Radha and harish carry out their aarti after which aparna and pankaj.

Guests asks aparna to call adi and malini for aarti next. Pallavi’s mother pushpa asks her why she advised malini is a professor in her college. Pallavi says she will give an explanation for her later. Adi walks down. Aparna makes him stand subsequent to malini.

Adi asks malini why did she come right here. Malini says maa referred to as her. Aparna insists adi and malini to carry out aarti and hopes imlie doesn’t come right here. She recollects going to imlie and tells that she may also grow big with her studies, however her vicinity will now not trade in her coronary heart, she would have asked some thing in place of a her son and snatched her son and malini’s husband,

she isn’t a part of a family and hence should not come out for ritual. Out of flashback, she says her son and dil are equipped for aarti.

Pushpa tells adi that she didn’t recognize malini is his spouse, they appearance right together. Neighbor says troubles come and move, its excellent they’re together and asks to carry out aarti. Aditya says he’ll perform aarti together with his spouse and walks far from there.

He is going to imlie, insists her to accompany him, and maintaining her hand walks to residing room and tells panditji that imlie is his spouse and he’ll carry out aarti along with her. Guests talk how can a servant be a bahu and considered one of them asks aparna that she advised malini and adi are lower back together, but adi is calling imlie as his spouse.

Adi says reality is imlie is his first wife and he and malini have separated; he didn’t need to inform about it this way, however didn’t have every other manner.

Pals query harish that he is society’s chairman and their chief, how will he lead them if this happens in his personal residence. Another says people normally give clothes, food, and utensils to servants,

but they gave their son to a servant. Another says they trapped innocent malini who is from a rich circle of relatives and has a decent job, aparna made a servant as bahu and seeing all this, they can’t stay right here.

All visitors stroll away. Pushpa tells tripathis that they betrayed her. Radha says they didn’t recognize approximately it and imlie betrayed them.

Pushpha says if she had recognized this, she wouldn’t have done her daughter’s wedding in their house. Pallavi says adi and imlie are not incorrect and he or she loves imlie as her sister.

Adi tells aparna that she is involved approximately guests who will cross domestic and forget what came about right here, she should also take delivery of imlie like malini did.

Aparna confronts him that he ruined their dignity with his heinous act and confronts imlie that she asked her not to pop out, but imlie wanted to reveal reality to all and sundry and is satisfied with it; maybe imlie is habituated to undergo people’s scoffs and bend her head in front of them, however they may be no longer;

why don’t she cross faraway from right here and let them live in peace; illegitimate relationships don’t happen of their own family, it is able to manifest in imlie’s family as she herself is prohibited. Imlie walks to her room.

Adi comes out of residence with malini and says he knew his family will no longer without problems accept imlie, however didn’t recognize they could wrongly allege imlie, mainly maa.

Malini says he need to give tghem time as they may be in shock. He says he doesn’t have any problem if they may be angry on him, but they may be adamant with one issue even after understanding that imlie is malini’s sister; they drag even her in this.

Malini says she cannot deny maa’s request, however will not come right here next time. Adi says she will come here whenever, but he desires maa to just accept imlie.

She says she is feeling awful for imlie. He says he is aware of how a whole lot she did for imlie and wishes her to inform own family that their divorce is mutual and they have been simply buddies and now not fans from earlier than, she can live fortuitously with kunal and he’ll check in his marriage with imlie after divorce proceedings and will stay luckily with her however with elder’s advantages.

Malini concurs and leaves reminiscing kc telling that she nonetheless feels for adi and suppose how to inform adi that she is shattering as divorce date is nearing.

Precap: imlie participates in quality bahu competition and challenges aparna that she will be able to win it as she enjoys buying tickets and her destiny is turning into fine bahu. Aparna tears price tag and says she have to e-book pagdandiya price ticket isntead and experience her trip..


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