Imlie 17th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya statistics smuggler Pasha and MLA’s communique approximately transporting drug. At C house, Aparna concerned for Adi prays Devimaa and searches agarbati in temple maintaining its pack. Imlie jokes and says its in her hand and says Devimaa’s 10 arms guarantee her that she is protective her children. Aparna asks to talk to her directly. Imlie says Adi touched her ft and took her benefits earlier than leaving domestic, he trusts his mom greater than god,

so she desires consider herself as Adi will go back earlier than aarti. Adi keeps recording and hears MLA telling that he has decided on a genius to move drugs. Malini walks to Imlie and scolds her to prevent troubling maa whilst she is already tensed for Adi. She calls Adi whilst Imlie attempts to prevent her. Adi’s telecellsmartphone rings. Pasha says its now no longer his gang’s ring tone. Adi disconnects name. Imlie says she informed Adi is busy and could go back domestic earlier than aarti.

Smugglers locate Adi and shoot at him. Adi escapes pushing them away and leaves in his motormotorcycle. MLA says that guy shouldn’t escape. Goons tell Pasha that Adi escaped. MLA says he is aware of that guy, he’s journalist Aditya. Pasha says allow us to bribe him and close his mouth.

MLA says Adi is sincere and could now no longer receive money, so he is aware of a person who can assist them. He calls Anu and asks her to scouse borrow Adi’s recording somehow. Anu calls Malini asks if servant Imlie is blamed through family. Malini says no, state of affairs has changed. Anu say she has a plan. Meethi listening to her communique and thinks until after they each will conspire towards her daughter. She performs bhajan on tune participant loudly. Anu receives indignant and walks to kitchen. She follows Anu and switches on mixer grinder. Anu scolds her to prevent and attempts to give an explanation for her plan. Meethi keeps annoying her. Malini hears Adi’s motormotorcycle sound and disconnects name.

Adi returns domestic thanking god that goons didn’t comply with him and walks limping. Aparna opens door and asks if he’s exceptional. Adi says he’s exceptional and had informed her that he could go back on time. Malini asks why had he long gone out. He says to acquire a few crucial documents. She says he could have despatched Sundar or a person else. Rupali takes him for aarti. After sometime, Adi downloads recording in his computer whilst Imlie walks in and continues her hand on his shoulder. He jumps in surprise and asks why did she got here abruptly whilst he’s working. She brings crepe bandage and says she is aware of whilst he’s in pain, applies bandage and asks what’s he hiding. He informs approximately MLA and Pasha’s drug deal and him recording their meeting, says if this proof is leaked, Pasha and MLA can be in trouble.

He offers her pen pressure and asks to preserve it safely. She says he didn’t consider her whilst she knowledgeable him approximately Malini, however now trusts her. She takes pen pressure and hides it in Devimaa’s idol, and prays Devimaa to shield this proof otherwise Adi’s lifestyles can be in danger. Malini walks closer to idol whilst Adi stops her and asks what’s she doing here. She nervously says she can’t tell him as she may be very embarrassed. He says she want now no longer sense embarrass. She says she desired to carry out aarti earlier than colony human beings arrive as she unmarried and pregnant and society will humiliate her with their taunts. He says he can’t close human beings’s mouth after some thing came about recently, he desires to understand what she wants. She asks if he can carry out aarti together along with her earlier than every person comes. He receives name from office, is going aside, and says proof is with him safely. She thinks she can be able to carry out aarti with Adi.

Precap: Committee human beings reward Imlie’s pooja arrangements. Imlie introduces Rupali as bhajan singer.


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