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Aditya drops Malini to university. Imlie passes by. Malini asks her now no longer to misconceive Adi as he simply got here to drop her to university and walks away. Adi asks Imlie if he wishes to justify why he got here to drop Malini; if she had targeted on their dating in place of Malini, they might had been in a higher position. She says she didn’t say something. He says any other shadeation can’t be smeared on a black shadeation.

She says he fills colours in her life, however proper now she can be able to deal with her career. He asks then why did she tear internship appointment letter. She says why is he involved for her career. He says he’s her husband. She walks away announcing while he doesn’t consider her, he shouldn’t bother.

Aryan over telecellsmartphone tells Arpita that he waited for villager Imlie for 14 mins and can’t wait anymore as he wishes to go to workplace and lease an intern. Imlie notices college students searching at Aryan’s automobile and discussing to searching for internship from him. Teacher scolds them to get lower back to their class.

Once all of them leave, Imlie begins offevolved her jokergiri and sears dust round his complete automobile. Watchman notices her and asks why did she smash this automobile as he’ll scold her. Imlie says he want now no longer fear and writes her call on glass. Watchman asks if she isn’t afraid. She says she doesn’t as she doesn’t have something to lose, she simply needs lakkad bagga/Aryan now no longer to problem her.

Adi reaches workplace and scolds his subordinates seeing them busy gossipping. He sees welcome Imlie playing cards and feels sad. Boss asks if Imlie didn’t come along. Adi says no. Boss says Imlie is sensible and ought to deal with her career. Adi says he understands. Boss asks him to persuade Imlie for internship come what may. Imlie enters university after ruining Aryan’s automobile. Malini meets her and name callings if she is indignant seeing her with Adi, she ought to get used to it as Adi will quickly overlook her. Imlie says Adi close to Malini however now no longer with her. Malini thinks even Imlie isn’t close to Adi. Imlie enters principal’s cabin in which peon informs her that a wealthy guy Rathod had come to provide her internship.

Aryan walks to his automobile and receives indignant seeing his automobile spoilt. Imlie rushes to him announcing he became looking her, Imlie from Pagdandiya, and receives tensed seeing Aryan.
She blabbers that she took revenge from him for his repeated errors and spared him easily, so he ought to be grateful to her. He stops her and gives he internship. She says he’s announcing this in frustration. He says he’s presenting her internship with out internship. She receives emotional and asks if he isn’t joking. He says ne in no way jokes and ask her to take a seat down in his automobile as a remaining test. She rushes into his automobile. He says she receives internship if she doesn’t get afraid and begins offevolved riding automobile.

Adi’s boss introduces Adi interns as their boss. Adi imagines Imlie taking walks to him and asking why he eliminated her call and the way ought to he end up her boss. He says she may be boss at domestic and he could be boss at workplace. She laughs. He laughs seeing her. Boss asks Adi why is he giggling and introduces his internship team. Adi asks interns to get lower back to their seats at the same time as he offers them project.

Boss informs him that their information paper’s new proprietor will go to quickly. Adi says person who grew to become a information paper into gossip column. Boss says he ought to provide an explanation for it to new proprietor. Adi says he is prepared for even that test. Aryan drives automobile rashly and asks Imlie if she is afraid. She acts and says she isn’t, however falls on his lap. At university, Malini thinks Adi nonetheless meets Imlie and she or he ought to come what may prevent that.
She hears college students speaking approximately Imlie leaving in a huge industrialist’s imported automobile.

Precap: Aryan tells Imlie its exact she felt worry and ought to be fearful of him always. Imlie acts. He orders her to easy hsi automobile and walks away.


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