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Aryan reaches medical institution and asks receptionist approximately Arpita’s room. Receptionist informs him room number. He hears a boy pleading nurse to get his sick mom admitted, however nurse denying to confess her for now no longer paying fees, offers his card to receptionist and asks to pay even that female’s payments from his card. Receptionist asks why is he paying unknown person’s bill. Aryan says someone need to cry handiest in three condition, 1 whilst his buddy betrays him, any other if he couldn’t wipe his pricey one’s tears, 1/3 one he’ll inform later; he doesn’t need any debt on that boy and walks away asking once more to pay boy’s mom’s and his sister’s payments from his account.

Imlie walks out of Arptia’s room and recollects she forgot to go back her ring. Ring falls, Aryan choices it and alleges her that she steals from wealthy people. Imlie him a a befitting respond in her style. He says she stole his sister’s wedding ceremony ring and warns to dare now no longer come close to him and his sister once more. She warns him to depart her hand in any other case she can be able to spoil it. He leaves her and she or he walks away fuming. Adi reaches medical institution and noticing her on foot runs at the back of her and holds her hand. She receives irritated however relaxes seeing him and asks what’s he doing here. He says he became in temple and heard her voice speakme approximately medical institution, however thank god she is fine. He says he could have thanked god instead. He asks now no longer to taunt him greater as he’s demise every day with out her. She says he shouldn’t hassle approximately a female who attempted to shoot his toddler and its mom. He asks now no longer to mention that. He says didn’t ask her if she shot Malini or now no longer. She says she can be able to now no longer concentrate to him anymore. Their dialogue continues. He gives her Bhaskar Times internship letter. She tears it and walks away pronouncing she doesn’t accept as true with him anymore and doesn’t want his favors once more and walks away.

Aryan enters Arpita’s medical institution room and recollects Arpita tying him rakhi, Arvind joking with him, he asking Arvind to tie rakhi to defend even him, and Arvind tying rakhi to him. Out of flashback, Arpita notices him and says she has determined to get rid off her fear. He asks if physician or panditji gave her this advice. She says a person greater sensible, a female who delivered her here, she simply went out. He asks if she is speakme approximately ring thief. She says she gave her ring and asks if he misbehaved with her. He recollects and says he simply cares for her and his mom and don’t have time for every person else.

Imlie returns to her hostel remembering her interplay with Adi and locating her room locked is going to confront warden. She reveals warden asleep and sleeps on bench awaiting her, then she notices an ant seeking to climb a pot and thinks even she shouldn’t lose hope. At Aryan’s house, mom receives involved for Aryan and Arpita. They each input in. Mother receives satisfied and dances round them gambling Ay Dil Tu Laya Hai Bahar.. song. She then slips. Aryan holds her and asks how is she. She says she is worn-out and asks how as her dance. Arpita says she danced well. She then asks Aryan. Aryan says she shouldn’t take a danger as vintage bones don’t refix soon. She scolds him and says she organized chat now. He says Arpita is coming from medical institution and subsequently need to accept khichdi and now no longer highly spiced meals. Servants serve chats. Arpita says she can be able to now no longer have chat and warns Aryan that she can be able to now no longer have meals till he make an apology Imlie who research in City College. Mother asks who’s this female now.

Next morning, Aparna packs lunch field for Adi and Malini. Malini sees a 3rd field. Aparna says its for Imlie. Malini says Imlie is gone. Adi says he may have Imlie’s lunch field. She says she can be able to deliver it to needy at the manner to university and asks him to drop her to university Aparna feels sad. Rupali cheers her up. Aryan reaches Imlie’s university. Principal greets him and asks motive for coming. He says he got here to satisfy a female who behaves and appears uncultured. Principal says that female reached her through scholarship and may be very intelligent. Arya says if a tiger leaves jungle, he might be stored in a circus and can not rule on city, and orders to name whoever that female is. Adi drops Malini to university. Malini notices Imlie and says she shouldn’t misunderstand as Adi simply got here to drop her. Adi tells Imlie if she had now no longer left home, there wouldn’t were any misunderstanding.

Precap: Imlie spoils Aryan’s car.


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