Imlie 15th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aparna sees best eight Devimaa’s idols and asks wherein is ninth idol. Malini steals idol and apologizing god says her vicinity is in temple, however she has to do that to prevent all people from praising Imlie. Imlie asks Sundar and Adi in the event that they left one idol in truck. They say its now no longer in truck. Imlie says prevent. Malini receives tensed. Imlie walks to truck motive force and insists to test truck once. He indicates her truck and says there may be not anything here, she turned into sitting in the back of with idol and whoever gave her this venture made a mistake, now best god can assist her. Imlie notices a moist soil packet in truck and says god helped her. She begins offevolved getting ready idol with soil. Malini hides idol in her room. Aparna calls her. Committee individuals bitch Harish that his relied on youngster made a mistake and that they did a mistake via way of means of trusting her. Pankaj indicates to deliver every other idol. Nishant says he checked and all idols are sold. Adi thinks if Imlie receives a few time, she can be able to do some thing. Aparna knocks Malini’s room door and says she added her medicines. Malini hides idol in ee-e book shelf and leaves. Committee individuals keep to remorse their choice of trusting Imlie. Dulari asks Sundar to deliver tea and snacks for all people and alerts him. Adi to divert committee individuals’ interest praises their attempt and says he’s going to take their interview and print how a small colony’s committee individuals paintings difficult to arrange navrati festival. He asks Sundar to get his digital digicam to click on their pix. Rupali asks him to take their video. Memebers fall for Adi’s trick.

Imlie completes Devimaa’s idol. Driver says its searching very quite and attempts to choose it. Imlie says its nonetheless moist and is going in to deliver some thing dry it. She passes via way of means of Rupali’s room and seeing her crying searching at her husband’s photo. Rupali cries that she is lacking Pranav as he used to carry out pooja together along with her constantly and used to enhance her veena each time she used to sing, he moved on in existence forgetting their love, however she is caught in his memories. Imlie consoles her and says she is a female who’s a shape of Devimaa, they can’t ruin down if guys ruin their agree with or heart; she shouldn’t neglect about the whole lot and taking into consideration making a song bhajan in pooja, she can be able to enhance her veena this time. Rupali thank you her and says she must were her sister in place of Malini as Malini doesn’t deserve her, they may be soul sisters. She then asks approximately idol. Imlie panics and asks her to provide her hair dryer signaling in a loopy way. Rupali identifies her sign in the end and offers hair dryer. Imlie leaves her room and suppose she forgot to invite Rupali the way it works.

Adi searches Imlie. Imlie struggles to exchange on hair dryer, and whilst it in the end begins offevolved, she enjoys its air. Adi hopes to discover Imlie or Devimaa’s idol at the least and seeing Imlie playing air stands mesmerized, then receives alert and asks if she determined idol. She says she can’t listen him. He switches off hair dryer. Nishant walks in and asks him to return back and take committee individuals’ interview. Adi asks him to take their pix even as he searches Imlie. Nishant says he’s a reporter as a substitute and must take interview. Adi searches Imlie agian. Imlie dries Devimaa’s idol with hair dryer. Trucker motive force surprised says its a very good invention and asks why she allows T own circle of relatives after they misbehave together along with her. She says they may be her own circle of relatives and their dignity is her responsibility. He asks her to dry idol fast. She reminds him that he even he turned into scolding her someday ago. Adi leaves on his motormotorcycle to marketplace to get an idol questioning he can’t permit Imlie lose.

Precap: Imlie is bowled over to sees Malini giving stolen idol to a terrible own circle of relatives.


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