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Harish receives a neck sprain. Radha applies neck collar and scolds him. He asks what can he do whilst Sundar driven him. Sundar apologizes. Harish writhes in pain.
Committee contributors ask how will he set up Navatri application with pain. He says whilst Matarani gave him pain, she can be able to assist him arrange occasion. Aparna says he desires to get idols, beautify them and occasion venue, etc. Harish says he’s going to distribute paintings amongst his own circle of relatives contributors and says Aparna and Radha will contend with decoration, Rupali will sing bhajans, and Adi will. Adi excuses himself. Nishant says he can not assist a good deal has he desires to complete his workplace initiatives quickly. Rupali backs him. Nishant asks how will they control then. Harish says its now no longer proper to position strain on Malini. Committee member asks who’s left then. Imlie enters maintaining train and snack trays on her head and hands. Aparna warns her to be careful. Adi says Imlie can do whatever and could control. Harish says Imlie will control nine-day function. Committee contributors asks how can a younger woman control nine-day function. Imlie says whilst Harish has self assurance on her, she can be able to. Malini says its extra than tea and snacks and she or he doesn’t have a good deal existence experience. Committee member says she need to have commenced balloting 1-2 years in the past and is immature to deal with difficult situations. Adi says they’re proper, however Imlie could be very mature and has treated can also additionally difficult situation; she got here from Pagdandiya and has fought with gangsters and terrorists by myself, she by myself has helped every member of the family and whilst she will be able to manage residence by myself, she will be able to manage occasion easily; even then in the event that they assume a person else is extra succesful than her, they ought to supply duties to that person. Imlie feels glad seeing his consider on her. Malini thinks she can be able to show Imlie is a small woman and now no longer a superhero. Harish requests committee contributors to consider Imlie and bestow obligation on her. They agree and ask her to prepare Devimaa’s idols and beautify them through evening. Imlie agrees. Harish tells Imlie that he’s trusting her once more after a long term and she or he shouldn’t spoil his consider. Imlie smiles at Adi. Malini thinks one mistake will oust Imlie from her obligation and she or he will lose committee contributors’ consider.

At C residence, Anu yells at Meethi to deliver her espresso quickly. Meethi is busy acting pooja. Dev asks Meethi to maintain her pooja and permit him serve espresso to Anu. Anu walks to Meethi yelling. Dev gives her workplace and says Meethi is serving god, so he idea of serving evil. Anu angrily attempts to go into domestic temple carrying her chappals. Meethi stops her and asks her to get rid of her chappals. Anu shouts who’s she to prevent her in her very own residence and twists her ankle. Meethi helps her. Dev scoffs that god punished Anu for her mistake. After sometime, Meethi sees her Seeta Maiya’s idol out of domestic temple and thinks who get rid of it. Anu says quickly she can be able to get rid of even Meethi out of this residence. Meethi says she can not insult Seeta maiya. Anu says god doesn’t live everywhere, this dust and paint piece doesn’t’ have an area in her temple. Meethi says she idea she could extrade Anu’s grimy thinking, however one that can not recognize god can not be changed. Anu says she is ideal the manner she is.

Imlie brings Devimaa’s idol with devotees. Harish tells committee contributors that he advised Imlie can arrange occasion easily. Malini says each yr idol is brought, what’s exclusive this yr. Committee contributors ask same. Imlie says this yr it’ll be exclusive and begins offevolved dancing. Harish and others be part of her. Malini receives jealous seeing Adi dancing with Imlie and walks to him dancing. Imlie takes her apart and asks now no longer to stress herself as she is pregnant and dare now no longer to intrude among her and Adi. Adi walks to them and asks what are they doing here. Malini says Imlie is preventing her from dancing. Adi says Imlie is proper and receives a chair for Malini. Dulari drags Adi and Imlie again to dance. Malini thinks Imlie has to make simply one mistake now.

Family takes idols to occasion venue. Aparna says there are simplest eight idols, wherein is ninth one. Rupali asks Imlie. Meethi cries expressing her ordeal to Seeta Maiya. Dev walks to her and helps her. Meethi informs him that Imlie were given a large obligation of organizing Navratri occasion and prays Seeta Maiya to assist her. Harish says they ordered nine idols and he noticed nine idols in truck, wherein did 1 go. Imlie asks in the event that they left 1 idol in truck. Sundar says he eliminated all idols from temple. Imlie notices Malini taking idol away silently and forestalls her.

Precap: Imlie takes idol to her room. Aparna knocks door and asks if she is fine. Malini nervously seeks 2 mins seeking to conceal idol. Aparna enters room.


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