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Imlie tries to look at and feels frustrated whilst she makes a mistake. Adi walks to her and says she wishes time to analyze. She says she saw her amma talking fact her whole lifestyles, but didn’t recognize the which means adjustments in city; asks if she learns english, human beings will believe her, they shouldn’t have informed fact. Adi says truth is a language which human beings like anu cannot apprehend.

She says she wants to go back to pagdandiya with amma and dadda. He asks if she wants to go away him, circle of relatives loves her and will trust her quickly. She says she doesn’t want him to head in opposition to his own family. He reminds her that he promised her dad and mom to guard and assist her always, his family has to just accept her at any cost in any other case they will ought to move far from their son. Aparna and pankaj listen their conversation and stand bowled over.

Pankaj says their son is thinking about pityness as love. Anu says she cannot lose her son like this, will call malini domestic the following day and will kick imlie out of residence. Next morning, aparna and radha awaken imlie and ask her to percent her bag and go away to the hostel as they have made her preparations there. Imlie packs her bags and observe them to important door.

Aparna says they delivered her until door and now she ought to move on my own from here, there’s no vicinity for her in this residence. Rupali sees them and asks what are they doing. Radha warns not to interfere among elders. Rupali calls adi. Adi asks imlie in which is she going.

Rupali says they are kicking imlie out of house. Adi says imlie is their bahu. Aparna says she can no longer receive this forceful marriage and could never accept a servant as her bahu. Adi says imlie by no means considered herself as servant and labored for them with none compensation until now. Aparna says she will take repayment now and go away. Radha asks sundar to throw away imlie’s luggage. Sundar says he would alternatively go away than doing this act. Argument maintains. Adi brings his bag and says he’s going to live anywhere his wife will stay.

Aparna says he can not go away his parents for a servant and throws away imlie’s bag. Malini enters, picks imlie’s bag and asks aparna what is going on. Aparna says she can give an explanation for and takes her in. Rupali asks imlie to get returned in. Imlie hesitates. Adi says that is her residence and forcefully takes her in. Anu tells dev that tripathis manipulated malini and known as her there.

Dev says tripathis are still malini’s in-legal guidelines. Anu says she will be able to now not permit cheapster adi returned in malini’s lifestyles and could use kunal to keep malini faraway from adi. Returned at t residence, pankaj and aparna express regret malini and request her to go back returned domestic. Malini says adi and imlie love each different and that they need to receive imlie, even she changed into shocked and shattered whilst she found out that adi loves imlie. Aparna asks if she loves adi or no longer. Adi unpacks imlie’s bag and says if he goes together with her, his own family can not be glad, so he’ll not permit her move; he doesn’t know why own family drag malini in this, don’t understand what they may be speakme. Aparna insists malini to inform if she loves adi or now not. Malini says she already informed that she moved on with kunal.

Harish asks now not to say that and pass returned as they need adi to get out of servant imlie’s grip. Malini says in the event that they have a problem with imlie’s popularity, imlie is her sister. Aparna says they recognize she considers imlie as her sister. Malini says imlie is her organic stepsister as dev is her father and he’s going to provide his call to imlie. Radha says meaning imlie’s mother additionally trapped a married guy like her.

Discussion maintains. Malini requests to simply accept imlie.

Precap: adi takes imlie to his room in front of his own family announcing he must have given her right long again.


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