Imlie 11th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tamil Nadu Dairy Minister KD Rajendra Balaji. He had filed a case in the Madurai High Court alleging that he had bought 35 acres of land worth Rs 6 crore in Devadanam near Rajapalayam in Virudhunagar district for Rs 74 lakh and 75 cents worth Rs 1 crore in Tiruthangal for about Rs 4 lakh and that Minister Rajendra Balaji had misused his ministerial post and amassed assets worth over Rs 7 crore.

Under the Anti-Corruption Act, there is no need to proceed with the investigation as there is no basis for the complaint against the Minister in the inquiry held in this regard. A report was filed in court on behalf of the Anti-Corruption Department that the public sector had thus ordered the case to be closed. It was thus ordered that an inquiry could be held only into the assets before Rajendra Balaji became Minister.

Rajendra Balaji was the Deputy Chairman of the Tirutangal Town Panchayat from 1996 to February 2018. The court ordered an inquiry into his income and assets. Following this, the trial in this case was completed and the verdict was pronounced today.

Two judges, Satyanarayanan and Hemalatha, read out the verdict. In this, Satyanarayanan has ordered to register a bribery case against Minister Rajendra Balaji regarding the accumulation of assets complaint.

Judge Hemalatha, however, dismissed the case on the ground that further inquiries would be futile as prosecuting after a long hiatus would be like whipping a dead horse.

They also ordered that the case be referred to the Chief Justice for a decision on whether the case should be heard by a third judge, amid a great deal of controversy over the different verdicts between the two judges.


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