Actress Ileana D’Cruz says that she is not worried about criticism because everyone has the right to give her opinion. The actress’s film ‘The Big Bull’ is set for OTT release, which also stars Abhishek Bachchan. The film is based on the 1992 scam and is largely the story of stockbroker Harshad Mehta. Last year’s series ‘Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story’ on Mehta was very popular. Although Ileana says they are not worried about the comparison.

She says, ‘Everyone has the right to give opinions. So whenever any of your films come, it seems that it is the same as what we saw 10 years ago. People always give their opinion and you cannot reverse back to everyone. Some people will like it and some will not. But doing this film was a very different experience, so I think people will like it. Abhishek looks amazing in the film. They have done a great job. I am very keen to know the reaction of the people.

Regarding the OTT release of the film, Ileana said, ‘I was not disappointed about it. Rather it is better because with this we will be able to reach it to a lot of people. I also like to sit at home and watch movies. Therefore, I think more people would like to do this.

The actress also gave a reason for saying yes to this film immediately. He said, ‘The moment I heard the story, I found it unusual. I have always shown seriousness towards different films and characters. Directed by Kuki Gulati, the film will be released on April 8 on Disney Plus Hotstar VIP and Disney Plus Hotstar Premium.


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