The US has advised its citizens to wear two masks or a perfectly fitted mask to avoid the new type of corona virus . The US Health Agency’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report and guidelines states that wearing a cloth mask over a disposable surgical mask provides more than 95 percent protection against the virus.

According to the report, applying a cloth mask over the surgical mask eliminates the possibility of air entering from the edge of the earlier mask. Similarly, a new type of highly active virus is protected from masking if the mask is not allowed to enter the air. This thing has also been proved in the laboratory.

Death figures from masks decreased: CDC director Rochelle Walensky cited the figures that since the wearing of masks was compulsory, cases of corona infection and death from it have decreased. CDC medical officer John T. Brooks said – worldwide masks are working against Corona, to avoid a more active new type of virus, there is now a need to apply perfectly fitted or double masks, so as to end the epidemic quickly. .

Who Masks Work: CDC research found that three-level surgical masks prevent 42 percent of the particles from the cuff, while a three-level cloth mask prevents 44 percent of particles. But when applying a cloth mask over a surgical mask, it helps to filter out 92 percent of the particles. Apart from this, emphasis has also been laid on the correct way of wearing the mask. The mask should not be loose, it should be tightened when it is stuck with the ear. Everywhere, all the people around are wearing two masks, so the infection provides up to 95 per cent protection.

WHO’s emphasis on cloth masks: France has made it mandatory for its citizens to wear a three-level mask. The N-95 mask filters out 90 percent of airborne particles, but the World Health Organization has appealed to people to wear cloth masks. The US also initially recommended wearing cloth masks due to the lack of surgical masks and N-95 masks. But with increasing supply, the government has made people aware of the merits of various masks. However, wearing an N-95 mask is still not recommended in the US.

Other measures to avoid corona: In addition to wearing masks, the report also calls for other measures to avoid corona. These include not going to a crowded area, refraining from going to a room with poor ventilation, social distance, and frequent hand washing with soap. CDC Director Walenski said — some people may be tired of hearing about the mask or wearing it, but in public places everyone is required to wear the mask, wearing the mask at home when an outsider has arrived. He said that the time had not yet come for the mask to be withdrawn.

New type of virus in 50 countries: The cases of new type of corona getting infected are increasing in many other European countries including US, UK and South Africa. Now new types of its virus have been found in 50 countries. This is the reason why Germany and Australia have advised public places or supermarket goers to wear more secure masks. In the United States alone, more than 900 people have been infected with the new type of corona found in Brittain (B-1.1.7) in 43 days as of 10 February. According to a UK minister, there may be more than 4000 types of corona worldwide.


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