Gray hair can be turned black naturally with these home remedies: Today, the problem of white hair is not only among the elderly but also the youth are very worried about this problem. According to experts, the hair is white due to lack of elements like Vitamin B12, Oodine and Zinc. In such a situation, people who are struggling with white hair should immediately get serious about vitamin B, vitamin B6 and vitamin 12 B in their diet. Actually a pigment called melanin is found in the hair. As it ages, it reduces and the hair starts to turn white. In such a situation, let us know which are the 5 magical things that can help you to overcome this problem. Along with this, an Ayurveda recipe related to Amla can also help you in maintaining your hair health.

Green leafy vegetable-
Green vegetables have abundant amount of folic acid, which helps in preventing hair from becoming white. For this, include vegetables like spinach, coriander leaves in your diet.

Blue berry intake reduces the deficiency of nutrients like hair whitening vitamin B12, oyodine and zinc.

Iron and copper-rich food-
Copper and iron deficiency may also be due to the hair becoming white. For this, you should include things like potatoes, mushrooms, walnuts such as dry fruit, raisins, beans.

present folic acid in broccoli helps prevent white hair before the time.

Kadhi leaves-
Kadhi leaves contain sufficient amount of iron and folic acid. Increasing the amount of curry leaves in the regular diet will soon turn black hair.

You can also take help of Ayurveda –
this recipe of Amla powder is very beneficial for making hair dark.
Make a paste by mixing 2 teaspoons of water and 4 teaspoons of amla powder in lemon juice. Keep it for one hour and use again. Apply the paste to the hair roots for 20-25 minutes and then wash. Do not use shampoo during this time.


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