If you are thinking of work abroad, then consider these things

Foreign affairs are seen in astrology from the twelfth house of the horoscope and the ninth house. These are considered as the expressions of investment and fortune respectively. If most of the planets are in the twelfth house in the horoscope of the native, then it is more likely that he will progress more abroad than the place of birth.

The relationship of destiny is known with long journeys and higher education. To travel abroad, it is mandatory to have long distance travel. Education helps a person to succeed. He achieves success abroad with high education.

In the same way, the 7th house is also strong in the Kudli of some people, then such people earn a name abroad by establishing better rapport with the partners. Go abroad on the strength of business and leadership. The seventh house is also important for marriage. Some people go abroad with their spouse and settle there.

Clear signs of this are seen in the hand. If one or more lines from the lifeline go to the lunar mountain, then it makes the sum of traveling abroad. The clearer and longer these lines are, the more likely they are to prevail.

With this, with the good brain line in hand, the other line from the life line is seen rising towards the upper, indicating the opportunity in the person’s life. If Chandra Parvat becomes strong with this, then the person earns profit by traveling.


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