If There Is Chaos In The State, The Law Is A Strong Fight: Sasikala Is Happy That The Case Has Been Filed: Thiruvananthapuram: Hindu Aikyvedi state president K.P. said that the government should see to it that there are no more incidents of violence in Vizhinjam, and if the government fails, the society that has experienced violence will naturally retaliate. Sasikala.

If there is anarchy in the state, the people will have to look after their own affairs. Then the law will be a strong fight. Sasikala responded that that is what has happened everywhere in the world. Sasikala’s response was to report TV.

Sasikala also said that she is very happy that a case has been registered against the Hindu Aikyavedi workers for organizing the protest in Vizhinjam.

‘The action is to confirm that we are Indian citizens. It is not enough to file a case against 700 people, the police should file a case against all those who participated there. The move was welcomed by activists and leaders with joy. It is not a case of adultery or adultery.

The person who publicly said that he would burn the police station was not arrested. The double standard of Kerala’s secularism is seen there. Why shouldn’t Hindu Aikyavedi hold a strike there? Here some priests have a special privilege. “Sasikala has never seen any such privilege, including the Sabarimala tantri,” said Sasikala.

KP said that Hindu Aikyavedi has something to do with the strike and Hindus are crowding the project area. Sasikala commented.

‘Hindu Aikyavedi has something to do with the struggle. No one has been involved in the strike for 30 days. The project area is populated by Hindus and Latin Catholics are absent. The lands and jobs of the Latin Catholics have not gone. But they came there and lost their voice.

It was in that stalemate that the Nadar community, the Ezhavas, and the NSS came forward against it. Hindu Aikyavedi is a conglomerate of these social organizations. There the issues are dealt with beyond caste and politics.

But they know exactly that they are creating such problems because they are Hindus. That is why they approached Hindu organizations,’ added Sasikala.

Meanwhile, the police registered a case against the Hindu Aikyavedi march held in Vizhinjam last day. Hindu Akyawedi State President K.P. The case was registered with Sasikala as the first accused.

A case has been registered against 700 known persons. A case was registered against Vizhinjam who violated the ban and participated in the march.

Hindu Ikyavedi’s march in Vizhinjam was stopped by the police in violation of the police ban. The march that started from Mukola Junction was stopped by the police at Mullur.

The Hindu Aikyavedi announced a march against the protest led by the Latin Archdiocese at the Vizhinjam port.

However, considering the possibility of conflict, the police denied permission for the march. The police had also issued a notice that if there were any problems after the march, the organization would be responsible.

Hindu Aikyvedi’s attempt was to hold a march without seeking permission from the police. Hindu Aikyvedi State Working President Vatsan Tillankeri had said last day that they will not allow the protest organized by the Latin Archdiocese in Vizhinjam.

At the same time, Vizhinjam Samara Samiti convener Fr. The police registered a case against Theodosius D’Cruz under the non-bailable section.

There are serious allegations against the priest in the FIR. A case was registered by the Vizhinjam police. According to the FIR, the priest’s statement was aimed at inciting communal polarization and riots.

After the remark became controversial, Fisheries Department Minister V. The Latin Church and Fr. Theodosius also issued a statement expressing regret. The remark was tongue-in-cheek. Theodosius’ response.



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