Marriage first started by getting caught in the trap of beauty and then the game of blackmailing of the bride

If There Is A Gap Between Engagement And Marriage, Don’t Miss This Golden Opportunity: Life after the engagement is not just limited to dating and meetings. Marriage is built on the foundations of honesty and trust. It is equally important that you are honest with yourself to understand your relationship better.

A wedding is an important moment in everyone’s life. After marriage, the girl and the boy have to spend their entire lives together. So it is important to know each other properly before marriage. The time between engagement and marriage is precious. During this time two people not only talk to each other but also strengthen their relationship by meeting each other. There is no doubt that if you use this time properly, your married life will be sweet. Let’s know what to do about it here..

Are you engaged? Is there a long gap between engagement and marriage? If yes, then you are having the best time of your life. The journey from engagement to marriage is a beautiful one. Everything seems like a movie these days. Not only will you get to know your future life partner very closely during this time, but you will also get a chance to understand them better.

However, this is also somewhat difficult. Because this is not the time to date each other. Instead, the time when you are entering a new relationship means that you are thinking about marriage. Not only this, you also get a chance to have a good relationship with your future partner during this time. So what do you have to do. After the engagement, you will spend most of your time on the wedding arrangements. But, if you want to strengthen your relationship, try something other than wedding arrangements. You can discuss your honeymoon place. You can also do some activities together to reduce stress.

Everyone has short-term and long-term dreams that they want to fulfill before or after marriage. Share these dreams with your partner. By doing this both of you will be able to realize your dreams and happiness. But you can only strengthen your relationship by respecting each other’s wishes.

After getting engaged you should really try to understand your partner. Not only this but at this time you should try to build a strong relationship. Because you are going to spend the rest of your life with this person. So, try to find out what the guy or girl likes and dislikes when you get married. It strengthens the bond.

A marriage is built on the foundations of honesty and trust. It is equally important, to be honest with yourself to understand your relationship better. Many times they get married without knowing each other. But by the time they realize it’s too late.. Mishaps happen. If something bothers you, share it openly with your prospective spouse. This can solve the problem quickly.

Be committed to a relationship between engagement and marriage. Try to find out if your partner is committed to the relationship. Are they talking about living life with you without hesitation? or? It is very important to know. This is the perfect time to show your partner how sincere you are about this relationship.

Explain to family members that you envision a life with your partner. Don’t neglect family in the midst of it all. Having a strong bond with family members is also important to lead a happy married life. Try to find out what your partner will do to win their heart. You can plan a dinner with your partner’s family to get to know them better.

Life after the engagement is not just limited to dating and is also time to discuss family planning. Find out if your partner is interested in children. Not only this, many things from the past will affect your current relationship at this time.

All in all, for the sake of a close relationship, feel free to tell your partner about anything that is hindering your married life. At this point it’s not okay to act the way they want you to, it’s also important to be open about yourself with them. This makes married life very good.


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