India-China Standoff: 2 friends of the Indian Army and the Air Force, due to which the Chinese defeat in Ladakh is decided!

If The Intent Is To Invade Like China, We Will Respond Like The Indian Army: Karnataka Chief Minister’s Reply To Sanjay Raut: Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has responded to Shiv Sena (Uddhav Balesaheb Thackeray) leader Sanjay Raut on the Karnataka-Maharashtra border dispute.

Karnataka Chief Minister said that Sanjay Rawat is a Chinese agent and a traitor.

Sanjay Rawat said two days ago that they do not need anyone’s permission to enter Karnataka and they will do the same as China entered India. Bommai’s response was like an answer to this.

The Chief Minister of Karnataka also warned that legal action will be taken against Sanjay Rao.

” Sanjay Rawat made a serious statement. Are these pro-Chinese? Should I call them Chinese agents? Sanjay Rawat is an agent of China. He is a traitor.

Sanjay Rawat is destroying the unity and integrity of the country. If not anti-national then what to call them? They keep saying such nonsense and we don’t care.

Their words are worthless. If they continue to talk like this, legal action will be taken against them.

“If their intention is to invade like China, Karnataka will react like Indian soldiers,” Bommai said while addressing the Karnataka Assembly.

Sanjay Raut’s statement was also discussed in a big way earlier.

“How many inches of land is not the issue here. Now, did not China come here and say that their government at the center will not give an inch? And so we shall penetrate. We don’t need our people’s permission to enter like that.

But we believe that this country is one. Therefore, we think that the problem can be solved through discussion. But Karnataka Chief Minister Bommai is knowingly looking to stir things up. The weak government of Maharashtra is not taking any definite stand.

If the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister do not take a stand on an issue for which more than 100 people have given their lives, then it is surprising that people like Bommai do not raise such a fuss. We have no personal grudges against the people of Karnataka. No personal problem with that government or people.

This is a problem that has been going on for 70 years. Great violence is being committed against the people. We will definitely raise our voice against it,” said Sanjay Rawat.

At the same time, the NCP, Congress and Shiv Sena are strongly criticizing the Eknath Shinde government and the BJP in Maharashtra regarding the border dispute.

Earlier, around 300 people who tried to enter the disputed territory of Belagavi were sent back to Karnataka and some of them were taken into custody by the Maharashtra police. Earlier, the Maharashtra Police had taken some of the leaders of the opposition parties into custody.

Maharashtra-Karnataka border dispute

Since the creation of the state of Maharashtra on May 1, 1960, there has been a border dispute with neighboring Karnataka’s Belagavi district. About 70 percent of Belagavi’s villages are inhabited by Maratha-speaking people. Since then, Maharashtra has been demanding that 865 villages like Belagavi, Karwar, and Nipani should be given to them.

At that time, Maharashtra had also said that 260 villages in Maharashtra inhabited by Kannada speakers would be given to Karnataka. However, Karnataka has been opposing these things from the beginning. With this, both states approached the Supreme Court on the dispute.

In recent years, some committees were formed to resolve the issue, but the border dispute continued. After a meeting was held in November 2022 under the leadership of Eknath Shinde to assess the current situation of the border dispute, the issue is now being discussed again.

The very next day, when Basavaraja came to Bommai claiming rights over forty villages in Maharashtra, this led to heated political discussions.


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