If the budget is less then buy a great car for 3 lakhs, you will get 25 km. Mileage up to

Buying a car is not easy in rising inflation. Middle class people in India pay more attention to mileage than the looks of the car when buying a car. This happens because people put their hard earned money into buying vehicles for years. In such a situation, if your budget is low and you want to buy a car with good mileage, then you will get many great options in the market. You can buy great cars like Maruti Alto, Datsun Ready-Go and Kwid, two decades old model of Maruti. The special thing about these cars is their superb mileage. This car, which is available at a price less than 3 lakhs, can give you mileage of up to 25 kilometers. Let’s know about their features.

Maruti Alto- Alto comes in the name of old and luxurious small cars of Maruti. Alto has recently completed 20 years. This is the most popular car available in less than 3 lakh rupees. The starting price of this car is 2.89 lakh rupees. Its new model will also be introduced in 2021. Let us tell you, Alto gives mileage of up to 22.5 kilometers per liter. The Alto has a 796cc engine. Features like ABS, driver side airbags, seat belt reminder, speed alert system and reverse parking sensors are provided with EBD. You will get this car in 6 color options.

The Datsun Redi-Go- Datsun Ready-Go is a good car in the budget of 3 lakhs. The starting price of this car is 2.80 lakh rupees. In the Datsun, you will get a 0.8-liter petrol engine, which is capable of generating 54 PS of power, is a great car in terms of ready-go mileage. This car gives you mileage of up to 22.7 kilometers per liter. ABS, driver side airbags, seat belt reminder, rear parking sensors and speed warning system features are provided with EBD.

Renault Kwid- Renault Kwid for less than 3 lakhs price is also a strong option. The starting price of this car is 2.83 lakh rupees. In the new Kwid, you will get more stylish features than before. The new Kwid has a 799cc petrol engine that gives a mileage of 25.17 kilometers per liter. In the new Kwid, all variants have special features like driver side airbags, ABS with EBD, speed alert system, seatbelt reminder and reverse parking sensors.


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