Virat Kohli breaks silence on a crushing defeat, Team India missed in this case

ICC T-20 World Cup: BCB To Speak To The ICC For Kohli’s Fake Fielding And For Having To Play In A Wet Ground: ‘Bangladesh did not want to enter the wet field. Forced down.’ ‘Bangladesh deserved 5 runs penalty as India made fake fielding.’ After the loss to India, the Bangladesh Cricket Board is going to approach the ICC by using these two excuses.

For the past few years, the India-Bangladesh rivalry has been in the headlines due to off-field controversies. Many times, Bangladeshi fans have been seen coming up with various excuses to add to their anger about not being able to beat India. The trend of blaming the ICC, sometimes the BCCI, and sometimes the umpires is not new either. The same incident was repeated after the India-Bangladesh match on Wednesday. Bangladesh supporters are flooding social media with various complaints.

Bangladesh supporters complained, ‘Bangladesh did not want to enter the wet field. Under pressure from India, the umpires were forced to start the game quickly. Litton Das had to run out because the field was wet. Some on social media are saying, ‘Duckworth-Lewis rules were a mess.’ Bangladesh’s target in 16 overs should have been lower.’ However, the biggest complaint of Bangladesh is whether Virat Kohli did ‘fake fielding’ in the seventh over. According to the rules, Bangladesh deserved a 5-run penalty. In fact, when Kohli was fielding at a point in the seventh over of the match, he pretended to throw the ball despite not having the ball in his hand. Which is a punishable offense in cricket parlance. There should be a penalty of five runs. Bangladesh batsman Nurul Hasan made this complaint after the match. But incidentally, the on-field umpires did not notice the incident. Noticed but ignored it. According to ICC rules, the umpire’s decision on fake fielding issues is final. Moreover, even if a team has faked fielding once, that team cannot be given a penalty run at the start. First, a warning is given, if it is not heard a penalty run is given.

According to sources, Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) officials will approach the ICC about that. Why was India not punished despite Kohli’s fake fielding? BCB will raise questions about why the game has been started in a wet field. Jalal Yunus, operational manager of BCB, claimed, ‘There were two unexpected incidents with Bangladesh in the game against India. We’ve seen it all on TV. Did the umpires not see Virat’s fake throw? And despite Shakib repeatedly saying, the umpires did not pay attention to his words regarding the start of the game. We will tell you everything in the right place. A section of the Bangladesh cricket community also complains that India always gets extra benefits because it is a big team. Now let’s see if the ICC gives importance to this complaint of Bangladesh.


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