Shashi Tharoor

I Was Not There For Election Campaign: Shashi Tharoor To The Question About Congress Defeat: MP Shashi Tharoor responded to a question about Congress’s big defeat in Gujarat. Shashi Tharoor’s reply was that as a person who has not been invited to campaign in Gujarat, he cannot say anything clearly.

Shashi Tharoor was on the first list of those scheduled to go for election campaign in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. But reports say that he was removed from this list after contesting for the post of Congress president.

“I have not conducted an election campaign in Gujarat. I was not among those who were scheduled to go to the campaign events there. Shashi Tharoor said that it is very difficult to say anything about his affairs because he is not on the ground.

Meanwhile, Shashi Tharoor spoke about the anti-incumbency sentiment in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat and the Aam Aadmi Party.

‘When the anti-incumbency sentiment in Himachal was good for us, BJP suffered a setback. But that did not happen in Gujarat. The entry of Aam Aadmi also split the votes,’ said Shashi Tharoor.

Meanwhile, BJP is leading in 154 seats even as the counting of votes has entered the final stage in Gujarat. It is certain that the BJP will form the government for the seventh time in Gujarat.

There have been estimates that this will be the election in which the BJP will win the most seats in the state. By doing this, BJP will beat its own record of winning 127 seats in 2002. In 2017, the party got 99 seats.

Meanwhile, the current leader of the Congress, which had won 77 seats in 2017, has narrowed to 17 seats. Even though the counting of votes has not been completed, it is generally considered that Congress will not be able to make many inroads.

In the 1985 Gujarat elections, the Congress had won 149 constituencies, but now its lead has narrowed to 17 constituencies. At that time BJP got only 14 seats.

But even in North Gujarat, which was the stronghold of the Congress in this election, the BJP is leading. It is estimated that Hardik Patel and others went to BJP and the entry of the Aam Aadmi Party may have harmed the Congress.

Meanwhile, Aam Aadmi Party is leading in five seats. So far Aam Aadmi has won 12.9 percent vote share.

Unlike in Gujarat, Congress has been able to increase the absolute majority in Himachal Pradesh. Congress is expected to form the government. But reports are coming out that BJP has started making moves to seize power in Himachal.

BJP has entered into discussions for government formation. The BJP has moved to form a government with three BJP rebels and one Congress rebel who are currently in the lead. It is also reported that the BJP has started talks with leading opposition leaders.

BJP dissident Hiteshwar Singh in Banjar constituency and KL. Thakur is leading in the Nalagad constituency and Hoshiar Singh is leading in Dehara.

It is reported that BJP leaders held a meeting at Chief Minister Jairam Thakur’s residence. Leaders including Vinod Tawde have come here.



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