I Wanted To Play The Role Of Sita,  Sync Sound Was A Challenge On The First Day’s Shoot – Bindu Panicker: Directed by director Nizam Basheer with Mammootty in the lead role, Roshaak has received a good response and continues to run in theatres. The performance of Mammootty and each of the actors in the film is getting applause.

The audience also says that Roshak is the career-best performance of everyone who is a part of the film. After a long hiatus, actress Bindu Panicker is back with a powerful character in Roshaak.

Bindu Panicker played the important role of Sita along with Luke Anthony played by Mammootty. Bindu Panicker has also managed to make the dark-shaded character very beautiful.

In an interview with Reporter Channel, Bindu Panicker talks about the first day’s shoot at Roshak and how the sync sound was a bit difficult for him in the beginning.

“I am very happy to have a strong role as Sita in Roshak. It is a godsend to say that we get a good character after a long time. So happy to be able to do it with Mammooka under his own banner.


And I am coming to the cinema after many days. It is my first experience saying sync sound. It was an experience for me. But it also happened. The first day was a bit of a problem. Worried about how to do it.

Previously, when making a film, there was a relief that there was dubbing. There was a sense of comfort that even if there were any mistakes, they could be corrected in dubbing.

But apart from a little bit of trouble on the first day, it was fine. It felt a little more real when we could even catch our breath minutely while doing that character. I now feel that the sync sound is better.

I have to thank everyone who was on the sets at that time. They capture the sink sound without even a single fly moving. This is the first time I can experience all this. Credit goes to the entire team for doing it well. And I wanted to do the role of Sita so much.


Compared to the previous film, things like us all sitting together felt different. But everyone was together in Roshak. I had heard that everyone was in the caravan now. And Mammooka is a person who does not sit in a caravan like that. We were all together. Even if it is in a caravan, if someone sits together and listens to the story, everyone will be there. And so it was, said Bindu Panicker


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