I jokingly said to Shankar, ‘You have such a beautiful wife on your forehead!’  In memory of Sonali, childhood friend Papia: Both of them are contemporary actresses. But they were neighborhood friends. Papiya Adhikari studied in South Point and Sonali Chakraborty studied in Lake School for Girls. But both of them are young and very energetic. So their gathering is good.

Actress Sonali Chakraborty passed away today. Sonali’s reminiscences have her childhood playmate Papiya Adhikari.

In a pained voice, Papiya Adhikari told ‘The Wall’, ‘Sonali is my childhood friend. The girl next door to me on Mahanirban road was Sonali. How many games did we play across each other’s roofs, and yards? How many times he came to my house, how many times I went to his house? Me, Sonali, and Sonali’s sister Shravani – were a gang in the neighborhood. Khyali Dastidar lived a little away. But his father Jochan Dastidar did not let him go out to play much. Back then it was played in the neighborhood. I remember today, how many times we played together.

Sonali and I used to learn to dance together. There was a dance school called ‘Suratirtha’. Karveedi used to teach Bharatnatyam there. Kathak was also taught by a famous person, I don’t remember the name now. Sonali is a very good dancer. His dancing side was not explored much later. In Tanudaar (Tarun Majumdar) film, Sonali came only with dance. Do you remember grandfather Kirti Arjuna? Then she became an actress.’

Unique in form-dance-acting, but did not get the role of the heroine! Sonali left prematurely out of pride

Shankar Chakraborty and Papiya Adhikari are colleagues and longtime friends. Papia said about the Shankar-Sonali pair, ‘Shankar used to stay in Sonali’s house in the beginning. Shankar once jokingly said, you have such a beautiful wife on your forehead, Dad! Shankar said, my appearance is bad! Then I said, you are fine, but Sonali is very beautiful.’

Playmate, open the gate –
Say goodbye now.
It’s game time…

These lines of Rabindranath’s song are floating in Papiya’s mind all day. Papia also said, ‘I have not met him for some time. There was no communication. I was shocked to hear the news this morning. When a childhood partner is gone, it becomes difficult for those of us who are still alive to cope. Such a big shock in the morning! Say you like it!

Like Rabindranath’s heroine, Sundari Sonali acted, danced, and modeled – did it all with skill, but still didn’t get the chance. So beautiful, long nose, and twinkling eyes – all the boys fell in love with her. If Sonali had given up everything and continued dancing, she would have become a better dancer than many famous dancers. He had that power. But when it comes to acting, it doesn’t happen.

And who doesn’t have a lack of achievement? The body was not right at the end. We have a strange thing here, the seating of artists. This should stop artists from waiting. This time we can do other things.

Sonali’s house is also being demolished now. Some of the polyclinic groups are being built there. Sonali is also gone, all our childhood memories are also being erased. Big good girl, I have not seen any face other than her smiling face. Even if there are new artists, the serials are going on with the strength of the old ones. Cereals will not freeze with a small torch, one-half of the torch is needed. The audience understands this, but the director-producers may not all. These are the shortcomings of all senior artists like us.’

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