I Had To Wait And See Mammooka And Come Back To Get The Thunderbolt: That’s How He Saw My Character In Roshak: Sharafuddin is an actor who entered the Malayalam cinema with the film Alphonse Putrante Neram. The actor who gained the audience’s attention by playing comic roles later performed well in completely different characters. He gives an amazing performance as a hero and villain in every movie for the audience.

The actor also had a very good performance in Roshak directed by Nizam Basheer. After the release of the movie in OTT, the movie is being discussed again. Sharafuddin is talking about acting with Mammootty.

Sharafuddin said that he is acting with Mammootty for the first time in Roshak and that he is the hero of the film from Mammootty’s point of view. He said that the first time he shot was a fight scene and he received several blows. Sharafuddin said this about Mammootty in an interview with Behind Woods.

“I did not come to Roshak’s press meet. There was no way I could come because of the shoot. When asked about my role in the press conference, he said that I am the hero. Who said that thing is a terrible reality?

That’s how Mammooka saw my character in Roshak. I was so happy to know that. I am acting with Mammooka for the first time. The first movie I saw was Mammooka’s. I have memories of watching his movies.

I am very happy to do a film with Mammooka. The first sequence started with the fight. “I have also told him that I had to wait and see Mammooka and buy the thunderbolt,” said Sharafuddin.


Meanwhile, after the OTT release, there are many discussions about Roshak on social media. A group of viewers is asking why Asif did a character whose face is not shown even at one place in the film. Opinions are also raised about whether any junior artiste should have done the role of Asif with such a star value.

The characters, including those of Bindu Panicker and Kottayam Naseer, have an impact because of their characterization. So there are those who say that even if a junior artist comes in, if the character has depth, it will reach the audience.

Moreover, some viewers say that the character would have had a more mysterious impact like the villain in Salute if he had been an unknown person.


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