Traditional Mundu (dhoti) of Kerala, blue striped shirt and tilak on forehead ‘metro man’ E. Sreedharan when he tries to touch his feet with reverence, he stops him. They have taken such a step because some women had their feet washed during a program in the past. A new controversy arose in Kerala politics about this. He also tried to explain that this is the custom to greet guests in some areas of Palakkad, despite this, the opponents could not avoid coming under target. Opponents compared it to feudal traditions.

BJP leader Metro Man Sreedharan

Sreedharan admits that he is still a student of politics. He said, “I am not a born politician. But I am fast learning the lesson of politics. This is a different ball game. For six decades I was a civil engineer. Was familiar with heat and dust, but the situation here is quite different. Although I am enjoying it. ”

He said, “Some people are worried about my age. Age is just a number and there is enough energy left in me. If I can serve people at this age, then what is wrong with that? ” Union Home Minister Amit Shah has already visited this VIP constituency on Wednesday. PM Modi is scheduled to arrive at the end of March seeking votes for him.

Sreedharan reaches out to the public during his election campaign with his trademark tender behavior and a smile. A college girl from Victoria College told Sreedharan, “Sir, you don’t have to bow down to us. You made our state and country proud. We feel sad when you come to us with folded hands. ”

Sreedharan said, “If you choose me, I will develop this area. Will make Palakkad one of the best cities in the country. I have enough ideas but you have to help me. “He said,” BJP is the most misunderstood party in Kerala. His opponents compete with themselves to discredit it. Both fronts have damaged the state. The country is moving forward under the dynamic leadership of PM Modi. Its signs are also visible in Kerala. The party will soon be the kingmaker. ”



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