Hyderabad Night Traffic: Will The Rules Be Broken? Night Traffic Rules Remain?: Hyderabad Night Traffic: Are night traffic rules applicable in Hyderabad city? Can you say don’t care even if there is a signal? Traffic control, rules are all day only.? There are no traffic violations in the city at night. The actions of motorists who are acting at will are leading to accidents. More. Actions to avoid accidents during the day are ok.. But what about at night..?

In Hyderabad city, day and night there are heavy vehicles. Not to mention the traffic difficulties during the day. Traffic trouble is one thing and traffic rules violation is another. There are many incidents of accidents mainly due to reckless driving without following the traffic rules. There are still happenings on a daily basis. In spite of this, bike and car accidents are more common among those who are prone to accidents, especially at night. Why do you say these people? At night, there is not much traffic. Moreover, there is no need to stop near the signal. No one cares if you go on the wrong side. There is no speed limit. These lead to accidents and lead to lives.

Violation is more in these areas.

Traffic is high in the city, especially in major areas like Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills, Madhapur, Hi-Tech City, and Panjagutta. Traffic police personnel are on duty to control the traffic keeping in view the daytime traffic. Apart from traffic control, action is being taken against those who violate traffic rules. Even with CC cameras, motorists who commit traffic violations are being identified and challans are being implemented. But till now strict action is being taken only on signal jumping and wrong side driving and fines are being implemented. To control the traffic, the police have made the rules a little stricter for safe driving. Strict action is being taken against those who commit various types of traffic violations like zebra line block, white line cross, signal jumping, triple riding, driving without a helmet, and free left block. All these are used to clear the traffic during the day time. And it should be said whether all these are being implemented in the clear cut at night or not.

Hi-tech babu knows no bounds

There is heavy traffic in the city even at night. Very few people obey traffic signals at night. Vehicle Speed ​​Kilo Limit. No wrong side. Etla means to drive the cart like that. Are there people who see night or what..? Not triple on one cart but four people can be loaded if necessary. No helmet.. only riding is the idea of ​​many people on these nights. Not only the bike riders but also the cars are driving as if they are going to run into the wind without knowing how fast they are. Besides, they are driving vehicles under the influence of drugs. There are people who are taking not only their own lives but also the lives of others, thinking that they don’t care if they fall under the influence of alcohol. Mainly Jubilee Hills, Banjara Hills, Madhapur, and Hi-Tech City areas. They come to these areas as restaurants bars pubs. Apart from this, there is a lot of drunk driving and police checking is happening only on weekends. So drinking loosely is drunk driving.

What are the control measures?

Why are there no violations of traffic rules at night? Is it wrong to follow the rules? People think that there is no need for rules to drive at night. They are driving like crazy. But not all motorists are following the rules or not.. Only a few are following the rules. The main reason for the negligence of motorists is the lack of police supervision at night. If we want to stop near the signal, we will definitely stop there only if the traffic staff is there. Motorists are telling us that we do not follow traffic rules. Police surveillance is needed not only during the day but also at night.


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