It is said that no relationship is perfect. Battles, quarrels, complaints and resentment go hand-in-hand with every relationship, but there are some days that forget these things and make the atmosphere happy. You can also consider such days as an excuse to address each other’s complaints. Couples are expressing love for each other in Valentines Week. On 12 February, Hug Day is the day of hug. In such a situation, we tell you that not only can you overcome your displeasure by hugging, but it is very beneficial to hag for health as well.

hug day 2021

Hugging triggers the release of the pleasure hormone oxytocin, which causes a decrease in blood pressure and normalization of heartbeat. This changes the mood and helps in eliminating the grievances after the fight. Prevention from diseases Stress increases the risk of diseases. In such a situation, many types of diseases can be avoided by reducing stress. Those who get more hag from their loved ones get more mental support and are less likely to get diseases. At the same time, when sick, this support also helps in the early recovery.


Love increases and trust.
When we hug someone, many hormones are released from our body, which are good for our health, by doing so that we love, our love and trust increases more than ever. is. It also brings happiness. Stress is reduced. Supporting each other in every situation strengthens love. Partner is most needed when there are moments of sorrow in life. One of his hugs increases his ability to fight grief. Embracing stress due to problems in life is also reduced. Many types of diseases can be avoided by reducing stress. It makes sense to be with each other in every situation.


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