From Agnipath to War, these scenes put the moon in Hrithik Roshan's career

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan made his day by replying to a fan on Twitter. This fan often shared a post full of encouragement for Hrithik. He had sought help from Hrithik for AC service and Hrithik did not disappoint his fan. He said that this woman fan was also repaired and the AC service company Urban Company responded to this fan’s tweet.

Actually, it started when a woman named Rupali continuously made many tweets. These tweets advertise for the company for whose brand Hrithik does. Rupali made her first tweet on March 2, in which she wrote, “Warmth is coming, set a bear with Beardo XSeries and wear an Arrow shirt and Paragon slippers, mount duo, jabronics headphones.”

See here the reply of urban company

Next he wrote, “Do HRX workouts, ensure a plastic tank in your house so that it gets good water and learn coding from Whitehat Jr.” Please tell that Hrithik has advertised for all these companies. On this tweet of Rupali, the Urban Company responded with its official tweet, “If you are doing so, then also get AC service.”

Look at Rupali’s tweet here

Hrithik gave this answer-

After this Rupali wrote, “Hrithik you should get your AC serviced too. Because you are very hot.” Rupali tweeted another and wrote, “Can you help me get free AC service.” Hrithik agreed in response and wrote, “I am at your service, ma’am.”

See Hrithik’s answer here-

Urban company gave one year free service

Now a day ago on March 9, the Urban Company tweeted and told Rupali that they are being given AC service free for one year. The Urban Company wrote in its tweet, “This is magic! This is magic. We have the power-jet that you need. For one year you are given AC service and UC vouchers are also yours.” Rupali expressed happiness over this.


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