Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan is becoming a video very fast. He is accompanied by his ex-wife Suzanne Khan and her children in this video. Hrithik and Suzanne have been spotted outside the Mumbai theater with children. Both of them reached here to watch the Hollywood movie ‘Godzilla vs Kong’. Hrithik and Suzanne enjoyed this action thriller film with children.

The children were wearing masks with Hrithik and Suzanne appearing outside the cinema hall. Suzanne Khan was wearing a black bodycon dress during this time and she was also wearing white sneakers along with it. His new hairstyle was worth a look. At the same time, Hrithik Roshan appeared in a very casual look. He was also wearing a cap and glasses.

Pose with

When paparazzi spotted him outside the cinema, he posed with Suzanne and the children. At the same time, Suzanne Khan also gave very good poses to Paparazzi. Along with this, he also gave flying kisses for the fans. Please tell that Suzanne Khan is a well-known interior and fashion designer. He is also very active on social media.

Watch the video of Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne here

Please tell that Suzanne Khan now stays apart from Hrithik Roshan. And after separating from them, their life is spreading in its own way. After separation from Hrithik, there have been reports of his reunion several times but it has not been disclosed publicly .. have been
dating for 6 months
, meanwhile, affair between Suzanne Khan and Eli Goni’s brother Arslan Goni News of it has been revealed. After divorcing Hrithik in 2014, Suzanne is enjoying her life .. According to reports, Suzanne and Arslan have been dating each other for the last 6 months. They have also been spotted with each other several times.


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